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21st-Oct-2016 11:44 pm - The Perils of Positive Thinking
So there's a class that I ported over from C++ to Java two years and a bit ago as part of this project. It works fine when you convert it from C++ and you can use it for a great many things successfully. However, when you try to edit it, the class falls to pieces.

I haven't really touched the class in any significant way in quite some time, so when I looked at it, I was pretty much horrified to find that I had managed to port it in such a way that there was the ported-from-C++ array of children for each member of the class and the Java array of children that was hiding in the new Java-side base class. Only one of these was populated and it was -- naturally -- the ported-from-C++ array, which meant that all manner of bad things are happening when I try to edit the data structures.

I am now in the process of removing the ported-from-C++ array (which I will only use during serialization because I have to be able to get the data back into the C++ side of the world) in favor of the Java-side array. This requires a lot of hand editing of code in this lovely 4300 line class.


Well, at least I've learned something in the past two years.
20th-Oct-2016 10:59 pm - Today's Update
Katie stayed home again sick today, which resulted in Gretchen taking her down to the pediatrician. An examination suggested that nothing serious was wrong and that she should try gently reintroducing her stomach to the subject of food. It's hard to tell how this is going, but we really believe that she is going back to school tomorrow.

The Cubs have had a good game thus far. Saturday is Gretchen's birthday and I have sold off the tickets for that day so that I can spend time with her.

If there is a game seven, I will be there for it.
19th-Oct-2016 11:17 pm - Assorted Developments
Katie and Julie went to school this morning, but we got a call from the office letting us know that Katie didn't feel well, so Gretchen picked her up and brought her home after about an hour and a half of school. She largely seems well, except that she says that her stomach continues to bother her. She did throw up last night late, but she also had insisted on eating several ill-advised things on an iffy stomach, so we figured school was worth a try. There have been no further episodes and no ill-advised things eaten (that we know of), so we'll see how things go tomorrow.

Meanwhile, after two days of Cubs lack of scoring that could induce nausea in most Cubs fans, the team broke out and beat the Dodgers 10-2. This means that there will be a game six at home on Saturday, which is a good thing. :)
18th-Oct-2016 11:00 pm - Sick Little Girls
Both Katie and Julie stayed at home today with the tummy bug. Things appear to be improving though, so I hope they're both back at school tomorrow.

We'll see.
17th-Oct-2016 11:18 pm - One of Those Days
Work was extremely annoying, largely due to wall-to-wall meetings and assorted varieties of misunderstandings.

I stayed home to keep working while everyone else took Ruby to her dog training class where she was nothing resembling the valedictorian. When I abandoned work, I put in a load of laundry and then started the sweeparound to collect everything that was covering the ground-level floor in preparation for the cleaning lady's arrival tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Katie returned home and demonstrated that she had a tummy bug.

Julie has a blister from her gym shoes, which is not surprising, because she won't wear socks, which is -- sadly -- why these gym shoes are basically toxic waste. New gym shoes are required, but it was too late to hit the store by that point.

So tomorrow is likely to be entertaining.

Ah, well.
16th-Oct-2016 03:53 pm - Once More To Wrigley
The girls' probably final game of the Fall softball season (itself a rescheduling due to a rainout) was rained out this morning. Once again and sadly, the rainout wasn't announced until we'd already gotten up early to get to the game on time. On the other hand, Katie may not have been able to play in any case due to a crick in her neck induced by roughhousing with her sister. It seems to be getting better, but we're keeping an eye on it.

The rain having passed, in a few minutes I will be on my way down to Wrigley Field to watch game 2 of the NLCS. I skipped game 1 and sold the tickets -- I trust that whoever bought them was a Cubs fan and enjoyed that game greatly. :)
15th-Oct-2016 10:45 pm - That Was Impressive
Now, don't screw up.
14th-Oct-2016 11:35 pm - A Beautiful Day
It was a beautiful sunny and warm fall day today.

I could use some more of these. :)
13th-Oct-2016 10:33 am - This Can Stop Now
I am sure that at least part of my mixed-up dreams from last night relate to having watched both NCIS: New Orleans and Agents of SHIELD before going to bed. However, the bit of recurring dream where I am in a Ph.D. program and have managed to forget to go to any of the classes that I am taking for the Ph.D. for the entire semester can stop recurring any time now, OK?
12th-Oct-2016 10:38 pm - Well, That Was a Surprise
I had been following the game on MLB Gameday at the Windycon meeting last night, then switched to the radio for the drive home. I flipped on FS1 to check in one last time before going upstairs to start putting the girls to bed and saw that nothing good for the Cubs was happening. I stopped long enough at the computer to make last night's LJ post, popped open ESPN Gamecast to see that it was the top of the ninth and the Cubs had gotten the lead-off man on base.

And off I went to read stories.

When I finished reading to Katie, I popped through the office on the way to Julie's room, glanced at Gamecast and saw Cubs 6, Giants 5 at the middle of the ninth.

What the heck?

So I went into the bedroom and told Gretchen to put on FS1 and pause it.

And then I went to read to Julie and back to the bedroom to wait for Gretchen so that we could find out what had happened and watch the bottom of the ninth.

I was a good boy. I waited for Gretchen.

And we watched the Cubs win the NLDS. I certainly hadn't expected that. Apparently, the Gods of Baseball were listening somewhere. :)
11th-Oct-2016 10:35 pm - The Gods of Baseball Are Fickle
I had hoped that the Cubs would not be playing baseball this Thursday. It does not appear at this moment that I am going to get my wish.

We'll see.
10th-Oct-2016 10:47 pm - Less Than Meets the Eye
I got less done today than I might have hoped, but more than I might have feared.

It'll do.
9th-Oct-2016 10:45 pm - This and That
Before lunch, Katie and I went out in the backyard and cleaned up the ruins of the chair cushion that Ruby had shredded. The yard looks much better as a result.

The first thing to do after lunch was to pop the bad board off of the front gate, replace it with a new one from the garage, and chop it off with the fake Sawzall. Then I cut the piece of PVC pipe to the right length to make Pearl's staff for Katie's Halloween costume, as long as the Sawzall was out. Then I headed upstairs and went to work restoring Katie's computer, which had developed a distinct case of misbehavior, probably due to Katie having forcibly powered it down in the middle of Yet Another Windows 10 Update. This took hours, but the room has a TV, so I got to watch the Nats beat the Dodgers (Yay!), then a couple of archived episodes of New Girl while this was going on.

Later in the evening, Gretchen and I watched an episode of the new MacGyver (episode two, still not growing on us. Gretchen thinks the problem is with the fellow playing MacGyver who is -- in my opinion -- very good looking, but completely without chemistry with the rest of the cast or audience.). Then we watched the latest episode of The Good Place, which Gretchen initially hated until she found out it was a rather more complex series than she'd believed. (I was happy to discover that too.) And -- note for catalana! -- it's not often you see a discussion of utilitarianism on a sitcom. :)

Finally, I flipped over and caught the final inning of the Blue Jays / Rangers series. The Blue Jays have won now with our support, so we are expecting the same from hofdave as tomorrow night's Cubs / Giants game and Madison Bumgarner are looming on the other side of a good night's sleep.
8th-Oct-2016 11:52 pm - Cubs Win! And Win!
Last night's Cubs game was a thriller, as the Cubs beat the Giants 1-0 on an eighth inning homer by Baez. Both pitchers threw a tremendous game and -- as the folks on the post-game radio program observed -- it was the sort of game where whoever lost it was going to feel really bad about it.

I skipped tonight's game, because Katie and Julie had been invited to a friend's birthday party. The girls had a wonderful time and the conversation was good. And I got back to the car just as the game started, so I was able to annoy the girls by listening to it instead of the Kidz Bop CD that they had handed me to listen to for the trip to the party. And the Cubs won tonight as well, so they have held serve and get to go to San Francisco leading two games to none. This is good, because Madison Bumgarner is pitching for the Giants in game three.
7th-Oct-2016 07:25 pm - Cubs Play!
And here I am at Wrigley Field waiting for the Cubs to play the Giants. I could have gone to ConClave this weekend (and feel a bit guilty for not being there), but I figured out months ago that exhaustion was going to win.

Of course, this means the Cubs had better win. :)
6th-Oct-2016 04:55 pm - Politically Illiterate
I saw yet another political post today on my Facebook feed. It was a large picture of the Illinois governor with the prominent caption, "Governor Rauner, Pass a Budget".

I was moved. Mostly, I was moved to shake my head at the fact that whoever had originally generated the picture and whoever had posted it were neglecting the small matter that Governor Rauner is not the Illinois legislature and cannot pass any sort of bill. He could sign a bill. He can choose not to veto a bill.

He cannot, however, assume legislative powers just because the legislature has not actually managed to pass a bill that has been either signed or not vetoed. Our system does not work that way.

[Snarky remark elided. Some among you might actually figure out what it would be. :) ]

*thud* *thud* *thud*
5th-Oct-2016 10:26 pm - They Might Be Giants
In fact, upon closer examination, it appears that the Giants will be playing the Cubs when I head down to Wrigley Field on Friday night. This is the match up that Gretchen was hoping for, as losing to the Mets two years in a row would be really frustrating for a lifelong Cubs fan.

I, on the other hand, felt that the Cubs would be much better off facing the depleted starting staff of the Mets.

Well, you can't always get what you want...
4th-Oct-2016 09:53 am - Thrown For a Loss
Without further comment, I pass along a link to the excellent economics writer, Megan McArdle, who is discussing why Net Operating Loss Carryforwards and Carrybacks are a good feature of the tax code. (Ok, one comment. Hint: income averaging.)

And for those who don't care about economics and fairness (or those who do and aren't bored yet), a second link where she discusses strategies for dining out with a partner. Because even if we can't stomach the current election, we probably still have stomachs...
Is that I don't have to watch them play the Cubs in the first round again.

Game 1 Friday against two teams that I would be happy to see Cubs smash. :)

I would also be happy to see the Nats smash the Dodgers who were of no help whatsoever against the Giants this weekend. I'm not sure they're healthy enough to do it though.

We'll see...
2nd-Oct-2016 10:17 pm - Weekend Update
The girls' softball game was rained out again today. Actually, it was probably more a matter of the field being too wet to play on, given the rain we had for the preceding two days. We found this out after Gretchen had gotten through the shower, which was early enough to go back to bed. This was a good thing. :)

We spent the afternoon beating Katie's new room into shape. The hallway is now a train wreck, but that can be fixed without too much trouble, I hope. And she'll be sleeping there tonight.

Soon, I hope.
I admit it. I am more likely to tolerate bad behavior from a politician whose positions are better aligned with mine than I am from a politician whose positions are less well aligned with mine. Watching this election, I conclude that most of my friends are no better than I am, but that's ok -- it just means that we're all sinners in that sense.

My news feed is full of horrible stories about both candidates that will convince no one of anything, except perhaps that it would be better to give up on social media until after this fiasco of an election. Some of these stories may even be true. (Many aren't.) And the stories that I have seen that I have been reasonably able to verify as being true have convinced me that both of the major party candidates for president are horrible, horrible people who I would not have as friends under any circumstances. I do not choose to repeat any of them here, because they would only annoy you; they would certainly not convince you of anything, because we are all pretty much long past convincing. You can do your own research, if you choose.

I have only cast one vote in my life that I am ashamed of: I voted for George Ryan for Illinois governor at a time when I really should have known that he was a crook. I am trying hard not to do that again.

My consolation is that I live in deep blue Illinois in districts that are so thoroughly gerrymandered that my vote is completely meaningless, save for the Senate race. (When the Democrats won the gubernatorial race in 2010 giving them total control over redistricting in Illinois, I -- like the poor groundhog -- predicted 10 more years of bad government in my state. Anyone care to argue with that prediction? You can find it on my LJ from the time... :) )

In any case, you all are my friends.

But, dear God, the echo chamber that is being provided for each of my ears is deafening.

1st-Oct-2016 06:02 pm - Just Being Picky
When I got my Behringer X-Touch control surface, one of the first things I did was to make little tiny labels for the buttons so I could remap it for use with Cubase. This was easy to do with my Brother P-touch label maker.

Of course, all I had was white tape. The white labels stood out. Like a sore thumb.

Earlier this week, I was poking around on Amazon and found a source for black tape with white lettering, which -- even on the gray parts of the background! -- was likely to look a lot better than the white labels. So I ordered the tape, which arrived earlier this week.

There was then the question of finding the time to do the relabeling. But after today's early morning softball game was rained out (finally, while we were on the way there after getting up earlier than usual -- not the coach's fault in any sense, but the local park district taking their sweet time reaching a decision), we were able to go to the pancake breakfast at the girls' school. Then I came home and paid the bills, after which we took Katie to Glenview for a birthday party. And after we got lunch and picked her back up, we came home and a bit later, I got to relabel the control surface.

Nice looking bunch of labels there. Shame you haven't actually mixed anything...
30th-Sep-2016 11:30 pm - Close, Very Close
My code appears to be working. The code that is downstream from it, maybe not. We're trying to get my code into the downstream environment to test it, but that is proving more difficult than it should.

29th-Sep-2016 10:21 pm - Lose Some, Win Some
The Cardinals won tonight on a two-out double by Yadi Molina that almost certainly should have been ruled a ground-rule double, leaving runners at second and third with two outs. However, the Reds didn't manage to notify the umpires that they were interested in challenging the play in time. The folks on MLB Network are making much of the unfairness of this.

On the other hand, I saw the Cubs beat the Cardinals on a walk-off walk to Anthony Rizzo where ball four was clearly a strike, so I think I'll just call this even...
28th-Sep-2016 09:44 pm - Changing Places
Katie's hutch for her new desk arrived yesterday. If we could just manage to get everything that came out of the closet cleaned off her bed and put somewhere, she could move into her new room.

This is being more of a challenge than you might expect.
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