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31st-Aug-2014 11:21 pm - We're Gonna Have a Party
We had a lovely anniversary party today with assorted friends and relatives coming by to join us for dinner and cake. Lots of cake. Way too much cake. :)

But not way too much conversation.

And a good time was had by all.
30th-Aug-2014 06:34 pm - Catching Up On Things
One of the things that happened during the weeks that we were busy being sick around here was really nice.

daisy_knotwise and I were nominated for a Pegasus award for Best Classic Filksong for Apology.

Thanks to everyone who thought of us! (Because, you know, I don't think you ever get too old for positive reinforcement. Or as Gretchen frequently reminds me, "We should write another duet." Well, yes. Yes, we should...)
29th-Aug-2014 11:17 pm - Once More Into the Deep
Although the big water park pool is closed for the season, the smaller pool near the house is open for this week. Since the forecast for the weekend is problematic and today was sunny, we tore the girls away from their playmates and went swimming. After much emoting about leaving to go to the pool, a good time was had by all.

Until the pool closed, when Katie and Julie proceeded to complain that they didn't want to leave because they were having so much fun. :)

Sometimes, Mother and Father do know best...
28th-Aug-2014 09:52 pm - Lots of Odd
Thanks to everyone for the lovely anniversary wishes!

I am getting asymptotically closer to being rid of this bronchitis. Soon, I may have my voice back.

Julie has taken her two most recent pills without incident, although daisy_knotwise has been required to get the capsule wet to soften the end and then flatten the ends of the capsule to make it "smaller" before Julie will swallow it. This is another Small Child Mystery (TM).

Katie is offended because she lost a point today at school for not returning her homework which Gretchen took out of the school folder by mistake, thinking it was being returned to us. Gretchen plans to drop a note to Katie's teacher to let her know that it was not Katie's mistake. :)

Katie is reading every night as part of her homework. She's required to read for 15 minutes and I have installed a giant stopwatch on her tablet so that she can tell when 15 minutes is up. I think she just likes the giant stopwatch.

The tablets continue to be the most popular of the gifts from last Christmas. Well, I guess I got that one right. :)
27th-Aug-2014 12:15 pm - 20 Years
As of today, I have been married to the lovely daisy_knotwise for 20 years.

We're a bit surprised by the size of that number, because it doesn't seem nearly so long ago. :)
26th-Aug-2014 10:49 pm - Well, That Was an Adventure
Julie has an ear infection and was prescribed antibiotics. Since she had the amoxicillin rash last year, this is somewhat more challenging. But since she'd successfully taken the Zithromax pills, we figured the pills would be ok.

And the first three or four were.

Today, it turned into a battle. I'm not sure how daisy_knotwise finally got the pill down her, but it took more than two hours. And we may now be short one pill, although I'm sure we can get an extra from the pharmacist if we call the doctor.

But, oh boy.
25th-Aug-2014 11:03 pm - First Day of School 2014
School started today. Julie is starting first grade (with Katie's teacher from last year) while Katie is now in second grade. Both girls were happy to be off to school.

First Day of School 2014

And happy after school too!
For the first time in a week, I actually felt good enough to get out of the house and go do something. And since Mystic Waters was closing for the season today, we took Katie and Julie to the pool. Everyone appears to have survived.

Now if we can just get them to go to sleep, because tomorrow morning and the first day of school is going to be here way too early. :)
23rd-Aug-2014 11:17 pm - Progress
I'm not yet 100% well, but I was up and around today and interacting with little girls, which is good.

I had tickets to the Cubs game today, but decided there was no way I was going to survive a trip down to Wrigley intact. Given the three hour plus rain delay, this was a good decision.
22nd-Aug-2014 11:15 pm - Step By Step
I am feeling enough better today that I actually managed to get significant work done.

In other news, Katie and Julie start school Monday morning.

Where did the summer go?

(Ok, I know where the last week went...)
21st-Aug-2014 11:38 pm - Breathing a Bit Better
Well, I'm still hacking up a lung and napping frequently, but I'm much more coherent today than I have been. I suspect that tomorrow may be pretty good.

I hope.
20th-Aug-2014 10:33 pm - Once More, With Feeling
I was feeling enough better today that I managed to attend a work meeting over the phone and do a bit of work. However, I still spent most of the afternoon asleep in bed.

It's progress. :)
19th-Aug-2014 11:41 pm - Second Verse, Same As the First
The bronchitis is still in the lead, but the home team is rallying, despite another sick day today spent mostly in bed asleep.

I did, however, get to watch my second consecutive walk off win by the Cards on MLB Network tonight, so it wasn't a total loss. :)

I believe there is no chance whatsoever that I will manage to use my Cubs / Giants tickets tomorrow night. Not even I am that stupid...
18th-Aug-2014 10:54 pm - Sick Day
I sent an e-mail off when I crawled out of bed this morning letting work know that I was taking a sick day and crawled back into bed. I basically slept all day, getting up for meals and when qnvhrtz and Luke dropped by to crash for the night after dropping off Josh at the airport on his way to Germany.

I will now go fall over again. :)
17th-Aug-2014 10:38 pm - A No Good, Rotten Day
I am slowly recovering from the respiratory crud that I picked up from Gretchen.

I woke up to Gary's e-mail that let us know the sad news that Bari Greenberg had died from a heart attack. This wasn't something that anyone could plan for and it had to be a horrible shock for Bari, Cat, and their family, as well as anyone who knew him.

Later in the day, we got the news that our old friend Paul's wife, Leah, had died after a stay in hospice care. There had been so much warning that this wasn't a shock. That doesn't make it a lot better.
16th-Aug-2014 11:56 pm - She's Got a Ticket to Ride
The head cold is in full swing, with a low-grade fever and congestion. I'm treating it symptomatically so far with aspirin and pseudoephedrine while waiting to see what happens. *sigh*

I was sufficiently tired of being cooped up in the office that daisy_knotwise and I played three games of Ticket to Ride. We split the first two games. Then I had some of the most ridiculous drawing luck of my life and made fourteen destinations, finishing with a final score of 203. Gretchen was in the very respectable 150s, which will win most games where someone else is not drawing cards that say "City X" (which I go to) to "Atlanta" (which I also went to).
15th-Aug-2014 10:51 pm - Oh, Drat
daisy_knotwise and Julie are recovering. Katie and I are feeling worse.

We'll see how things are in the morning.

14th-Aug-2014 11:33 pm - Fenced In
Ted came back by this afternoon and the backyard fence is a complete fence again, which is a fine thing when there are little white dogs to run around in it.

We also discussed the problem with the leak into the house. Ted's opinion (which matches the observed facts) is that the root cause of the problem is a too-small gutter and downspout which backs up during a gully washer from particular directions and dumps rain into the house. We know the gutter is clear from previous inspection, so too-small would seem to be the correct description.

Now if I can just find someone to fix it...
13th-Aug-2014 10:10 pm - Strep and Other Posts
Julie and daisy_knotwise have been dealing with a nasty respiratory thing for a week or so. Katie and I got a bit of it, but managed to beat it into submission -- in my case, with liberal doses of pseudoephedrine.

Today, Gretchen woke up and had moved into death warmed over status. I suggested that it was now time to go to the Walgreens clinic and get tested for strep, since her throat was massively swollen. And that she should take Julie too, because if Gretchen tested positive, we could then run the test on Julie and get them both antibiotics. (But not amoxycillin in Julie's case, because she is sensitive to it as we found out a bit over a year ago with the last case of strep.)

I offered to drive her, but she decided to drive herself. And when she got there, they were too busy to take her, so they made an appointment for her at 4 PM. And she came home and fell asleep in a chair.

Later in the afternoon, jeff_duntemann and Carol came by, as Jeff had agreed to help me replace some of the failed cedar fence in the back yard with the help of Ted, who runs our local BBQ place, but who used to do a lot of home renovation work and had the right tools.

It turned out that we needed to replace three posts, not just one. And two of the posts had rotted out, but left perfectly usable concrete footings, if only someone had a thin enough arm to reach down the hole and clean out the rotted post.

That would be Jeff. :)

So Jeff cleaned out the post holes, while I went out and picked up two more posts and some cement for the gate post which had also failed and taken out a section of fence that I'd demoed earlier in the afternoon. (Along with cutting out enough bridal wreath and honeysuckle so that we could actually get through the gate.)

While this was going on, Carol drove Gretchen and Julie back to Walgreens where they tested nicely positive for strep.

So they now have antibiotics.

And we almost have a fence again, as the front section that failed will need to rebuilt tomorrow once the cement has set for the new post.

Gretchen's off to bed; little girls are off to bed.

Me? Not so much... :)
So here's a clip of Robin Williams on a USO tour when he's interrupted by the lowering of the flag at the base he's at, which is apparently called the "retreat ceremony". (I knew about the lowering of the flag from having lived on Air Force bases in my youth, but never knew what it was called.)

He'd never seen this before, as it happens.
11th-Aug-2014 06:29 pm - RIP: Robin Williams
According to reports, Robin Williams committed suicide.


I hope there's a DVD release of his cancelled TV series, The Crazy Ones, because I'll want to pick it up now.
10th-Aug-2014 04:52 pm - Extra Innings Again
Well, here we are in extra innings again.

This had better be shorter than the last game I was at.
9th-Aug-2014 10:47 pm - Birthdays and Things
Had a wonderful time at Gabriel's birthday party today with Katie, Miri, Gundo, and Leah. Julie had to stay home due to a bad tum and missed miniature golf, go-carts, arcade games, and ice cream.

In other news, I need to get a haircut soon, as I'm starting to look like a Founding Father. Sadly, next week will not be the week for it.
8th-Aug-2014 10:16 pm - Under the Weather
Julie and daisy_knotwise were both under the weather this evening, so Katie and I abandoned them and went out to Woodfield Mall (where I found the best parking place in the history of parking places; literally the closest one to our destination, Red Robin), had dinner, and then went to the play area to let Katie burn off some energy while I communed with the Internet using the wasn't-available-the-last-time-I-was-there free Wi-Fi. We stopped by Walgreens to pick up meds on the way home.

Now if we can just get the girls to go to bed...
7th-Aug-2014 11:04 pm - Daddy Is A Shopping God
I headed off to Office Depot tonight to try to find the various items of school supplies that daisy_knotwise had been unable to turn up at Walmart and proceeded to score them all, including a two inch binder in a lurid shade of purple that has made Katie very happy.

I will take my victories where I can find them. :)
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