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23rd-Jul-2016 11:46 pm - Legends of Tomorrow
Gretchen and I finished off the first season of this show tonight. We rather liked it and are looking forward to next season.

Although after the final scene aired, Gretchen turned to me and said, "So you're taking me out for a beer and explaining what just happened, right?"
22nd-Jul-2016 11:33 pm - Pool!
Sam and Bonnie came out today and joined us on a trip to Mystic Waters. Then we decamped home, changed clothes, and went out to dinner.

A good time was had by all.
21st-Jul-2016 11:55 pm - In the Swim
Katie had her last swimming lesson of the summer today. She had gone on to level 4 to get back ahead of Julie, but we'd been warned that the chances were excellent that she'd need to repeat level 4 at least once, as there was a lot of really difficult stuff to learn and most kids couldn't manage it the first time around.

Katie passed.

She still needs to do a lot of work on her diving -- mostly due to the fact that she is extremely reluctant to go into the water headfirst -- but that wasn't one of the required skills to pass level 4. :)

Good job, Katie!
20th-Jul-2016 09:56 pm - Progress
Finished up an API today at work. The good news is that I built a test harness so that I can exercise the API, which meant that I was able to find the bugs in it before handing it to the team writing the user interface. This is not to say that there are no bugs, but that the trivial bugs have been found and exterminated.

19th-Jul-2016 10:55 pm - Windycon
I actually remembered tonight's Windycon meeting and went down there with Bonnie, my number two, in tow. Much useful conversation was had. :)

Now I just need to get various things done.
18th-Jul-2016 11:51 pm - Meanwhile, Back at Wrigley Field
I went down to Wrigley with a friend of mine to catch tonight's Cubs / Mets game. The Cubs were leading 4-1 going to the bottom of the eighth and we decided to go ahead and leave early so that we didn't have to spend an hour waiting for the shuttle bus back to remote parking.

The state of the remote parking shuttle is just a bit sad when we're having to leave games early in order to get home at any reasonable hour.
17th-Jul-2016 09:36 pm - The Secret Life of Pets
We all went out this morning with Sam and Bonnie and caught an early matinee of The Secret Life of Pets, the new movie from Illumination Entertainment. It was a good couple of hours of mindless entertainment with only one part that caused Katie to bury her head in my shoulder so she didn't have to watch.

Given the state of the world, mindless entertainment looks pretty good.
16th-Jul-2016 10:47 pm - Upgrading
I looked at the calendar and realized that the free upgrade period for Windows 10 was running down. Thus, yesterday, I started the process of upgrading the recording laptop to Windows 10.

I finally finished up tonight. I also upgraded Cubase Elements and Wavelab Elements to the latest versions.

So the laptop is up to date. I have to move some of the music files off to another machine, because I'm running out of hard disk, but...
15th-Jul-2016 05:44 pm - Run In Circles, Scream and Shout
Given that the sitting Turkish government was engaged in "de-secularizing" Turkey, it's not clear to me whether the military coup in Turkey is a good or a bad thing from the U.S. point of view. All things being equal, I tend to favor democracy, but it's not at all clear whether those things are equal in this particular case.

The first, best thing to hope for is that as few good people as possible get killed as a result of this.

Everything else turns out to be a case of "Wait and see", I think.
14th-Jul-2016 10:03 pm - Just Naturally Suspicious
I must admit that I view the recent Presidential polls in much the same way that Ruby the Dog views a piece of Pupperoni that has been chucked into her kennel.

"Go on, Republicans. See the nice polls. It's perfectly possible for you to win the election if you nominate Trump."

And then once the convention is over, the door to the kennel is closed and the real polls are released.

I note, by the way, that Ruby has once again followed the Pupperoni into the kennel...
13th-Jul-2016 09:56 pm - Summertime Blues
I would greatly like to make a trip to the swimming pool soon. Maybe tomorrow...
12th-Jul-2016 11:05 pm - Yet Another All-Star Flub By the NL
All the scoring occurred early as the AL beat the NL 4-2 and secured home field advantage in the World Series again.

11th-Jul-2016 10:25 pm - Dentists and Doctors
Saw the dentist today for my regularly scheduled cleaning. He's found a small cavity in an upper molar which he'll fill next week.

Tomorrow, it's off to see Dr. Bob for the follow up from the Fourth of July weekend's entertainment.

Go team!
10th-Jul-2016 02:51 pm - For My Filking Friends Who Play D&D
I ran across this article today and I thought of you. :) And how much fun you could give your hardworking DM...

How To Get Your Bard Properly Killed.
9th-Jul-2016 10:56 pm - That's a Winner!
Julie had her K-2 All-Star softball game this evening. Her team won and Julie acquitted herself well, so that was a fine thing.
8th-Jul-2016 11:57 pm - Stung!
We took Katie and Julie to the second grade / third grade softball game today. Unfortunately, Julie's tummy was bothering her, so she decided she didn't feel like playing. She did feel well enough to mess around with other kids though which eventually resulted in her disturbing a nest of paper wasps under the bleachers and getting stung three times.

We have applied Benadryl to the problem and she has not reacted strongly to the bites, other than to have them hurt a lot. So we're going to take this as having dodged the bullet and will keep an eye on things in the future.


Now Katie is off to a sleepover, so Julie got to have a special dinner with Mom and Dad at Walker Brothers where she consumed a great quantity of the Kids' Meal chocolate crepes. Of course, these have no known nutritional value, so Julie just announced that she's hungry...
7th-Jul-2016 10:19 pm - Continuing to Improve
The antibiotics keep improving the behavior of my system, which is a fine thing.

In work news, I managed to plug some test code into the test harness that I wrote yesterday that found two separate bugs in the same neighborhood that I was trying to test for, so I am quite pleased with the new test harness. Not so happy about the bugs, but...
The antibiotics appear to be getting the upper hand on day four. This pleases me.

The folks at the clinic called back and the particular germ in this case is E.coli. *sigh*

I blame the dog.
5th-Jul-2016 10:52 pm - Antibiotics Are Good
And this infection is remarkably stubborn.

But I am getting better and am feeling asymptotically closer to human. So I have hopes.
4th-Jul-2016 10:29 pm - And Mending
Being on the second day of antibiotics, I am substantially better, although nowhere near well yet. Sadly, this meant that I missed seeing Katie and Julie in the Fourth of July parade today.

And having spent my entire three-day weekend sick, I am probably going to be sufficiently well in the morning to go back to work.

There Ain't No Justice.
3rd-Jul-2016 11:55 pm - Sick as a Dog
But I have antibiotics now, so that's good!
2nd-Jul-2016 11:42 pm - Fever
Just what I wanted for the holiday weekend. I have a lovely low-grade fever that started late last night and I am really, really tired.

With luck, I'll feel better tomorrow.
1st-Jul-2016 11:23 pm - Warming Up for APBA Baseball
Following the draft, we have finally all gotten our lineups in for our APBA baseball league for the computer season. (I confess to being tardy -- life has been like that lately.) Guth has run five test runs for our 84 game computer-only session and sent out the results today.

I finished in first by five games, four games, eleven games, four games, and ten games.

Ok, apparently doing several things right, although a lot of it is riding a strong pitching staff headed by Greinke and Kershaw.

When the team stats come out, I'll check to make sure no one is getting overused...
30th-Jun-2016 11:38 pm - Incoming! And Outgoing!
Renee has landed here for the night on her way back to Wichita. And there was much rejoicing. :)
29th-Jun-2016 11:19 pm - Less Loop
The last of my three days of trips to the Loop was today. I am really tired.

On the other hand, they were very productive days, so that is a fine thing. :)
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