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15th-Jan-2017 11:19 pm - Unaccomplished
There were a great many things that could have been done today. But we are still under the weather (although less so) and not doing them seemed like the wisest choice. I did grill this evening, because it was dry and there was no ice on the patio.

There was ice blocking the back gate though, which thwarted my plan to quickly run over, knock on the door of the neighbor who backs up on our fence, and ask if it would be ok if I went into his yard to renail the partially loose section of fence. But it's reasonably stable, I think. (I hope.)

And Gretchen and I got to play a couple of games of Yahtzee with Katie, which was a good thing.

Playing Yahtzee with Ruby running about looking for people to play with is an experience. I would be holding one end of her pulley, Gretchen would finish her turn, and I'd hand the pulley off to Gretchen so that she could continue to pull on the firmly held toy while I rolled the dice.

And I suppose I did send in the last of the text for filk for the Capricon program book. (Which was followed by still more "last" from Debbie. :) )

And I read the newspaper, which means it didn't become part of the pile of newspapers in the garage waiting to be read. And there's more paper for Ruby's kennel and for starting grills with, both of which were required today.

And we had a chance to talk.

These are all good things.

Other things can be done tomorrow.
14th-Jan-2017 11:55 pm - Fabulously Tired
The girls have gone to bed. I am really tired.

One more thing to do though...
13th-Jan-2017 11:57 pm - One (Or Two) Ugly Bugs Down
We found a couple of ugly calculation bugs today and fixed them.

I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming three-day weekend. :)
12th-Jan-2017 11:31 pm - Honk!
It is rather frustrating to encounter a new common cold virus while you're still coughing from the previous one.

Sadly, I am not alone in this, as Gretchen is in the same leaky boat. Or nose. Or something like that.

11th-Jan-2017 11:26 pm - Emergency Fence Repair
It was very windy last night. This usually bodes ill for our fence, although we've shored it up substantially in the last few years.

There's a spot at the top of the fence that is behind a large volunteer honeysuckle that needs to be mended, but I haven't gotten around to it, as I would need to go into the neighbor's yard to renail the top of the fence back to the post.

This morning, though, it became apparent that we'd need to do something, as a gap had opened up in a different section of the fence. We didn't realize this small, non-obvious gap was there. But when Ruby went out on squirrel patrol this morning (missed by that much!), she found it quickly and plunged through into the neighbor's yard. This allowed her to recover the ball that had gone over the fence due to an errant throw by a little girl. Ruby was very proud of this. And because the neighbor's yard was fenced in, she apparently decided she was still in her newly-extended yard. At least, when Gretchen called her, she came in. Mercifully.

So when we got back from breakfast, I pulled out the box of sinker nails and headed down to the fence line with Gretchen. It turns out this was another of the fence sections that had been nailed through one of the planks on the fence into the post instead of through the crossbar. This puts all of the stress on the tiny nails holding the plank onto the crossbars. Eventually, those tiny nails come out, the fence goes walkabout, and the dog escapes. So I pulled the plank off, knocked the nails out of it, pulled the fence back in line, nailed through the rotting crossbar (which will need to be replaced next summer), and then nailed the plank back in place.

All in all, a quick and successful repair.

I wonder where the fence will break next...

So does Ruby.
10th-Jan-2017 11:03 pm - Get Me Rewrite!
I have learned a fair amount about editing over the years. I'm not sure of where I learned it. But I'm sure I learned some of it from Perry White. And from Lou Grant. I am eclectic.

That said:

  • If your mother says she loves you, check it out.
  • Anonymous sources are not always reliable sources.
  • A story that is too good to be true is entirely likely to be untrue.

    That's pretty much the top of the list for now...
  • 9th-Jan-2017 11:03 pm - Cough
    The cough is still here. It is getting better, but it is still here.

    It can go away any time.

    8th-Jan-2017 10:37 pm - Here There Be Witches
    Having finished reading the Descendants prequel novel to Katie last night, we were left to find a new book for tonight's bedtime stories. I suggested Harry Potter, but she wants to read that herself. She suggested that I look at some of the other books on her shelf, but each one that I picked out, she wanted to read to herself.

    "Tell you what," I said. "I'll go down to the library and get a book for us to read."

    Katie was good with that.

    And I returned with The Witches of Karres.

    Captain Pausert has just finished purchasing Maleen, Goth, and the Leewit as we finished tonight's reading. So far, so good...
    7th-Jan-2017 11:48 pm - Nothing Much
    Nothing much got accomplished today. That was probably good. :)

    I did get Katie signed up for spring softball. Julie is being unwilling to sign up at the moment, but we'll see what develops.
    6th-Jan-2017 11:28 pm - Under the Weather
    The entire household has this nagging cough. I finally decided that it was time to skip tonight's Windycon meeting, which I regret, but things have been pretty thoroughly out of control this week.

    We did, however, manage to get the Christmas tree out for recycling tonight.
    5th-Jan-2017 11:35 pm - We Have Bugs!
    On the other hand, I've spent the past several days diving through the subaccounting and custom dimension code and the level of sanity there seems to be becoming substantially higher. I still have a stack of bugs to clear out -- not helped by the changes to our environment that have broken some of my tests -- but I'll get there.

    Soon would be good.
    4th-Jan-2017 09:35 pm - Switched
    The second of the two Asus M32CD desktop computers that I bought for the family has developed the same failure mode around the power switch that the first one did. This is a pretty annoying design flaw, because the actual switch is held into a plastic bracket by two flimsy catches that break with usage so that the switch no longer makes contact with the big round button on the front. You can press the button, but the switch, not so much.

    I fixed the previous break with some hot glue and help from Gretchen; I plan to do the same here.

    But really! This is a stupid design.
    3rd-Jan-2017 10:54 pm - Oops
    It appears that my bedside alarm clock has been dropped on the floor by little girls one too many times, because it did not go off this morning, despite being set to do so. This meant that I woke up to get ready for my first day back at work after vacation about 40 minutes later than I'd intended to.

    I've ordered a new alarm clock which should be here on Thursday. In the meantime, I have my phone. :)
    2nd-Jan-2017 11:23 pm - Mixed A Lot
    Having listened to the tracks for The Grim Roper with Gretchen, I have made adjustments and am trying again.

    I have also fixed the website so that it doesn't try to play every song at once when you go to a page with MP3 links on it. :)
    1st-Jan-2017 10:43 pm - Astrogator Bill
    We got up early enough today to get out and get lunch before heading to the movie theater where I went to see Rogue One while Gretchen took Katie and Julie to see Moana. This worked out well for both of us. I enjoyed Rogue One quite a bit and it was a movie that it was nice to see in 3D on the big screen. I'll catch Moana (which Gretchen and the girls enjoyed quite a bit) once it comes out on disc.

    One of Katie's school assignments that began over break is to chart the phases of the moon, starting last Thursday. This has been mostly an exercise in futility due to low clouds for the last few days. But there was a moderate amount of blue sky this afternoon, so when we got home from the movie around 4 PM, I told Katie to wait in the driveway and we'd hunt out the moon if it could be found.

    Well, let's see. It's about three or four days since the new moon. The sun is there, just behind the house across the street. So I pointed at it, then traced back 90 degrees by cocking my elbow so that I was pointing to where the half moon would be. So today the crescent moon should be just about halfway in between. I swung my hand back toward the sun, stopped, traced down toward the southern horizon...

    And there, a bit more than halfway up the sky on the line I was running down, was a thin sliver of crescent moon that you could easily mistake for the cirrus clouds drifting around in the neighborhood -- except, of course, that the clouds were moving a good bit faster.

    Obviously, all of the star piloting in Rogue One was rubbing off on me.
    1st-Jan-2017 02:08 am - Happy New Year!
    We all had a wonderful time at Dave and Elizabeth's New Year's Eve party tonight.

    And very soon, there will be sleep. :)
    31st-Dec-2016 02:17 pm - Distracting the Dog
    I ran by the Jewel to pick up additional baking supplies for some things that we are making for the New Year's Eve party that we're going to tonight. While on my way to the Osco side to pick up additional Fisherman's Friend for Gretchen, I found a Christmas item that was greatly marked down from its original $21.99 price to $5.49 and decided that I should pick it up.

    I am told that Ruby the Dog was greatly interested in interfering with the cupcake baking going on in the kitchen before I returned. The three-foot long rawhide bone has proven to be a perfect distraction for her. :)
    30th-Dec-2016 11:11 pm - Truck Test
    I went out in my car and took a listen to the new mix today. It still needs work, but I have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done.

    So, progress.
    29th-Dec-2016 11:25 pm - Mix Notes
    There is some danger that I may be done mixing The Grim Roper.

    Maybe. I need to give it a listen in a couple of places with fresh ears. And let some other folks listen to it.

    But it might be just about done.

    In the fine tradition of projects like this, it has taken way too much time and a final infusion of money to push it over the finish line. I had thought that I would not be spending much on the studio this year, but then I ended up buying a new pair of studio monitors to replace/supplement the ones that failed. And then I realized that with a little bit of jinking around, I could get a legitimate copy of Melodyne Studio for $549, which is $150 less than it usually goes for, if I bought it now.

    Nice little product. I have plans for it. :)

    And then I needed some vacation. And the new version of Cubase.

    I think it's going to be OK.

    And then I can mix something else...
    28th-Dec-2016 11:02 pm - Movie Time
    We headed off to the movies this afternoon with Sam and Bonnie. Sam, Gretchen, and I went to see the very last showing of Fantastic Beasts at this theater. Bonnie, Katie, and Julie went to see Sing.

    I think Fantastic Beasts was fun, if a bit uneven. And I would like to see a magical government that isn't run by hacks and crooks at some point. Or maybe that is the point.

    The girls report that Sing is wonderful. :)
    27th-Dec-2016 11:19 pm - Katie's Earrings
    Katie got her ears pierced today. I'm trying to put a picture into the post, but LiveJournal is stubbornly misbehaving.

    26th-Dec-2016 11:55 pm - Boxing Day
    Jerry was in town visiting, so he, Sam, and Bonnie came over for a dinner tonight. Gretchen made a lovely brisket, there was much conversation, and a good time was had by all.
    25th-Dec-2016 11:43 pm - Merry Christmas
    We had a wonderful Christmas here, getting up early to open presents, having a leisurely lunch, and then having Smac and Katy drop in for dinner on their way to visit his kids for the holiday.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!
    24th-Dec-2016 09:39 pm - All Wrapped Up
    Well, not quite. But there are only a couple of things left to wrap.

    I think it is time for hot cocoa.
    23rd-Dec-2016 10:36 pm - Work's Way of Saying Stop
    I have solved several bugs in the C++ side of our code and need to port the fixes over to the Java side. I was working on this when it was time for dinner.

    As I come back to it now, I discover that the VPN is down.

    I guess I can stop now.
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