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11th-Feb-2016 02:42 pm - I Am Blue, Navy Blue
After bleeding all over the old pair of jeans that I was wearing yesterday, I grabbed the new, non-faded jeans that were intended to replace them anyway and the first shirt hanging in the closet after Gretchen did the laundry.

And I looked in the mirror after getting dressed and said, "Ah! Navy-blue Johnny Cash."

Or something like that...
10th-Feb-2016 10:53 pm - Time Is Doing That Thing Again
That is to say, everything is happening at once.

Capricon starts tomorrow. Eek!

See some of you there!
9th-Feb-2016 11:03 am - A Sad Observation
This is not necessarily true of any given individual, but certainly seems true of groups as a whole:

The farther you are to the left or the right, the more likely you are to believe any purported data point that confirms your biases, regardless of the actual truth of the situation.

Corollary: maybe I should just stop reading Facebook.
8th-Feb-2016 11:01 pm - Slip Sliding Away
Oh, dear. I seem to have come down with a mild case of the intestinal plague. This is not a lot of fun, although more fun than other things would be, I suppose.

Better now than at Capricon...
The thing you have to remember is that guys are like that. When Katie was born and I came charging back from Madison to pick up the things we would need for an extended stay there, our next door neighbor happened out and I told him that the baby had been born, we were going to be in Madison for a while, and I had come to pick things up.

When I returned outside with the next load for the minivan, his wife had arrived in the driveway, asking for little details like the sex of the baby, her name, weight, and so on. :)

It is with this in mind that I let you all know that I cleverly did not take any pictures of Ruby the Puppy yesterday. Because that would have been A Good Idea (TM).

Puppy pictures will follow in about a week...

6th-Feb-2016 11:36 pm - Woof!
So we have officially adopted a puppy.

She is a Labrador / Border Collie mix (they think), seven weeks old, and named Ruby. She is very cute.

We'll get her in a week when she's old enough to come home.

The girls are ecstatic.

The adults are making plans...
5th-Feb-2016 11:45 pm - One Thing Or Another
I think I may have gotten the code that I've been working on up and running. Finally.

Now I just need to test it and port it to Java.

Piece of cake.

Or something like that...
4th-Feb-2016 10:44 pm - Plans, Mr. Rico!
Gretchen and I have nefarious plans of which the girls are not yet aware. Soon, all will be revealed.

But not yet. :)
3rd-Feb-2016 10:45 pm - Blort
Progress was made on various things. Not as much progress as I'd have liked, but...
I don't post much about politics because -- well -- what's the point? But here are a few thoughts in the wake of the Iowa caucus results.

  • I think that Megyn Kelly should moderate all of the Republican debates.
  • Apparently, Bernie's crew lost all six of the coin flips that were required to settle the results in tied caucuses around Iowa. Roger Goodall should launch an immediate investigation -- that, or hire some of these folks to flip the coin for the Super Bowl.

    Yeah, I think that's enough for now. :)
  • 1st-Feb-2016 12:01 pm - Round and Round In Circles
    There are days when it is not clear to me how it is possible to get anything done when you need to get everything done.

    Intellectually, I understand that the right answer is "One thing at a time", but this does not always appear to be a satisfactory answer.

    Life, it would seem, is an interrupt-driven process. :)
    Foolishly, I trusted Microsoft's assurances that the girls' computer and apps were Windows 10 compatible. Foolishly, I believed that things could be rolled back the same day that I'd run the Windows 10 upgrade.

    Lies. All lies.

    I tried doing a partial restore from the Acer hidden partition. That reinstalled Windows 7 partially, but the install couldn't finish for some unspecified reason. I finally gave up and wiped the old installation out completely, losing all of the Minecraft Worlds on that machine, but I did manage to get Windows 7 to boot again before going to bed some time after 3 AM. I set the machine to download updates, of course.

    A shame I didn't think to turn off the sleep function. A shame that the sleep function will shut the machine down in the middle of downloading updates too. Who designed this mess?

    Oh, right. Microsoft.

    I turned off the sleep function in the morning and managed (finally!) to get the updates downloaded and installed. And then I had to reinstall the critical software which was -- happily! -- not much.

    Well, it's a clean machine.

    Should have renamed it "Penny Lane"...
    So since Microsoft claimed that Windows 10 was compatible with the newer of the bedroom computers and the apps installed there, I figured I'd go ahead and run the upgrade from Windows 7. It looked like everything ran fine.

    Right up until Katie tried to run Minecraft. Minecraft won't run, because the default driver that Microsoft installs for this old Intel chipset doesn't support OpenGL. There is no Intel driver for Windows 10 and the older drivers won't install.

    So I figured I'd uninstall Windows 10 and revert back to Windows 7.

    Except that option is missing.

    I've tried telling it to go back to an older version via a different restore path, but the computer has been sitting there for hours now saying "Restarting".

    Thanks, Microsoft, for making my little girl cry.

    "Compatible". I do not think that word means what you think it does.

    Rat bastards.
    29th-Jan-2016 10:46 pm - Really Tired
    After getting up early for three days of meetings in the Loop, I am really tired.

    The good news is that we made progress. :)
    28th-Jan-2016 11:31 pm - Paying For My Traingressions
    We had a late dinner with some of our business partners tonight, which meant that I ended up leaving the Loop pretty late. I had originally intended to take the El back out to the suburbs and have Gretchen pick me up, but after looking at the time and the fact that I had spaced a bit of the Loop El architecture, I decided it was just as well to hoof it the rest of the distance to the Metra station and take the train back to my car, allowing everyone to get to bed a bit earlier.

    And being on a local meant there were opportunities for Traingressing that aren't usually available to me, so I now have a number of newly visited and captured portals along the route, despite the best efforts of speed locks built into the game. Mostly because the train stopped at every station, but still... :)
    27th-Jan-2016 10:56 pm - Murphy at Work
    So after our boss flew into town to spend some time meeting with us, he ended up in phone calls with people back on the West Coast for essentially the whole day. I went down to the Loop where I did manage to sort out a few bugs with my coworkers and got to be in a conference call with India.

    I am reminded of how much shorter my commute usually is. :)

    Over lunch, I took advantage of drift to firebomb a bunch of froggie portals as my cursor flew around over the River North area. Hey, it's AP...
    26th-Jan-2016 06:04 pm - Lighting It Up
    I replaced the CFLs in the office with Cree 100W equivalent LED bulbs a while back. This involved some shenanigans with the ceiling fan fixture that required installing a longer nipple so that the bulbs -- with their big heatsinks! -- would fit. I also installed one soft white and one daylight bulb to try to average things out.

    I've noticed it's been getting dim in the office lately when the sun goes down. Yesterday, I finally took a good look at the problem and concluded that the soft white bulb was failing. In theory, it's under warranty, but in practice it will be annoyingly inconvenient and expensive to get that warranty honored. So since I was in Home Depot yesterday on a different mission, I checked out the LED bulb aisle.

    I considered getting another of the Cree LED bulbs with the huge heatsink, but I noticed that Philips had a much smaller, supposedly 100W equivalent LED bulb for about 2/3 the price of the Cree. I figured I'd try it and have now installed it into the fixture.

    There is a lot more light in here now.

    I wonder what I should do with the failed bulb...
    26th-Jan-2016 11:32 am - Maintenance
    It's being like that this morning. I'm going to be down in the Loop later this week, so I downloaded the Ventra app onto my phone so I can use online Metra ticketing. Then I discovered that I'd forgotten the Ventra password that I never use, so I had to reset that. And eventually, I was able to buy some train tickets.

    This was followed by fishing a couple of items out of the spam bucket. One was from my bank. It turns out my bank has sold itself to another bank, which is going to mean a whole new round of account numbers and checks, I suspect, in the not too distant future.

    And then I fished the notification for Katie's upcoming dentist appointment to have a cavity filled out of the spam bucket and forwarded it to Gretchen. To keep these out of the spam bucket in the future, I went to my web hosting provider and tried to log in, but I apparently forgot which password I was using for that. But I could reset it if I had my user number, which is on an invoice. Which I get via e-mail. Have I kept any of them? Why, yes. Yes, I have. Reset that password, go into the mail management and white list the new dentist's e-mail address for both me and Gretchen so that we actually get these notices.

    And as long as I'm there, it is time (past time) to delete Fuzzbucket's e-mail address. I checked the inbox before deleting it. There was a lot of spam there, mostly from Facebook.


    Poor old cat.
    25th-Jan-2016 11:01 pm - Back to Work
    Back from Confusion and back to work. We have meetings downtown Wednesday through Friday and there is way too much work to be done before then.

    We'll see how it goes.
    24th-Jan-2016 11:37 pm - Home Again
    And I'm home from Confusion, having pulled in a bit more than an hour ago. Bedtime stories have been read to little girls and now it's time for bed for everyone.

    24th-Jan-2016 01:06 am - Sleep Is For the Weak and Sickly
    It's also for those who would avoid those conditions. Given how chaotic next week will be, I've left the very nice filk to bank a little sleep now.
    23rd-Jan-2016 05:48 pm - At Confusion
    And here we are at Confusion. Things have been a bit slow, but the conversation's been good. :)
    22nd-Jan-2016 08:13 am - Leaving Soon
    I just need to throw the bags in the van and then we can leave for Confusion as soon as Bonnie gets here.

    They are teaching Katie to play the recorder at school. She is practicing now.

    Someone is going to die. :)
    21st-Jan-2016 06:35 pm - Confused
    Time to be packing things up for Confusion, I think. :)

    See some of you there!
    20th-Jan-2016 10:33 pm - Small Victories
    I have filed the Illinois State Sales Tax return for ISFiC. Hallelujah.
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