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Bill Roper's Journal
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17th-Nov-2018 10:19 pm - A Phone Is A Phone Is A Phone
The SIM card for Katie's phone arrived today and it is now actually a phone.

This was followed tonight by my suggesting that Katie become familiar with Google Hangouts for chatting.

Because SMS is a terrible thing to waste. :)
16th-Nov-2018 11:25 pm - Ouch
All of the ISFiC Press books are now in the storage locker.

This means that a lot of books were moved.

And I trust that everyone involved is now very tired.
15th-Nov-2018 11:24 pm - Half a Phone Onward
Katie's phone arrived today and she is delighted. She almost blew a gasket quivering with excitement waiting for me to finish up a phone call so she could open it.

Mind you, it is not yet a phone, as the SIM card hasn't arrived. But it is the promise of a full phone shortly, so it will do nicely.
14th-Nov-2018 05:27 pm - Ring! Ring!
The thing that Katie wants most of all in the world right now (more than world peace!) is a cell phone. The phone that the girls were supposed to be sharing and using only at conventions has fallen pretty firmly into Julie's hands (and is none the better for wear as a result) and we've been staring at the equity issue involved for a while.

Katie's birthday is coming up on Saturday (12 years old!) and I told her that I would buy her a cell phone for her birthday, although she would have to wait to get it until the Black Friday sales started. However, as it happens, Amazon is pushing some phones out in an "early Black Friday" sale right now. One of those phones is the one that I would have chosen for myself if it had turned out that I had to replace my LG G5: the Moto X4. At $199, this phone -- even if slightly long in the tooth -- becomes a no-brainer.

So I have ordered the phone, an SD card, and a SIM from Ting.

Katie needs to sit down with her mother and order a matching case, because I wasn't going to try to pick something out that she would like. That will likely happen later this evening (if it hasn't already).

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Try not to run up too many minutes.
13th-Nov-2018 10:33 pm - Not What I Had Planned
I spent the entire day at work today battling against Git, which refused to create a new repository on my VM, producing a mysterious error. Eventually, the error went away, but the day had pretty much gone with it.

In other news, Katie has joined the Spirit Squad at school and was one of the cheerleaders at today's basketball game. Gretchen is a bit disconcerted by all this, but I pointed out that Katie's grandmother had been a cheerleader and Gretchen frequently reminds me that "Your mother was a saint".

I tend to agree with this observation, so the cheerleading will probably be an ok thing. :)
12th-Nov-2018 10:57 pm - Sleep
Conveniently, Veterans Day (observed) fell on the day after Windycon ended. This meant that I could catch up on my sleep which I sorely needed to do.

This is the least of the things that we should be grateful to our veterans for.
11th-Nov-2018 10:49 pm - Home From Windycon
We are home from Windycon. I had a remarkably good time, all things considered. And given that it's my job at the convention to handle some of the less pleasant things, that seems like a big win to me.
9th-Nov-2018 11:31 am - Packing It In
I think that everything that needs to be done at home is now done, save for packing the luggage and putting everything in the car.

Maybe I should go work on that. :)
8th-Nov-2018 05:05 pm - Set 'Em Up!
Off to Windycon shortly for Thursday night setup and greetings.

Wish me luck!
5th-Nov-2018 09:36 pm - Too Da Loop
Off to the Loop today for meetings. The crimp is in my sleep time, because catching the train down there means getting up really painfully early.

But the meetings went well!
4th-Nov-2018 09:54 pm - More Catching Up
Gretchen did most of the work to get the Halloween decorations together and packed up; then I conned Katie into taking them to the basement.

We returned 14 milk bottles to Oberweis.

I've paid a number of invoices from OVFF so they can go in the mail tomorrow.

And I've worked on sorting out a bunch of this and that.

It's going to be off to bed early tonight, because I have to get up really early to take a train to the Loop for meetings. I suppose it's good that Daylight Saving Time ended today. (And I reset all of the clocks except the one in my car!)

But I am going to miss sunshine in the evening.

I always do.
3rd-Nov-2018 04:47 pm - Today's Checklist
The outdoor Halloween decorations have been taken down.

I have gotten Katie's new cello strung properly where the string popped by the simple expedient of taking it back to the store. I also paid off her percussion kit while I was there.

The cushions have been removed from the chairs on the patio and stored for the winter.

I have paid the bills.

I have researched Katie's (and Julie's belated) birthday party.

I have reviewed some documents that I needed to review today.

I have started at least one load of laundry.

And the brisket that I bought for dinner is simmering nicely in the oven.

So far, so good.

More to do!
2nd-Nov-2018 02:44 am - Grumble
I positively hate it when I cannot sleep.

I have sent an email. Maybe I will sleep better now.
1st-Nov-2018 10:57 pm - I Am Very Tired
And I deserve to be. I think I will go to bed.
31st-Oct-2018 10:38 pm - Halloween Count
Fifteen kids here all evening. On the other hand, we are at the end of a not-very-active cul-de-sac.

How'd you do?
31st-Oct-2018 10:33 pm - Halloween
The girls had a splendid time for Halloween.

There are pictures, but none of them on my devices. Once I liberate them, I will post them. :)
30th-Oct-2018 11:11 pm - Publish and Be Damned
All of the materials that I was supposed to get to the printer have gone to the printer and I have approved the proofs.

I am going to take this as a victory. :)
29th-Oct-2018 11:04 pm - Finished
The Windycon Program Book is at the printer and I'm waiting to approve the proofs. I sent in the badge art this afternoon and will send in the Pocket Program tomorrow.

This is not bad, given that I was at a standing start a month ago. :)
27th-Oct-2018 07:07 pm - It Is Going To Be One of Those Days
I am currently laying out the Windycon Program Book. Things were going well until I went to try to download the Program schedule. I cannot log into the Program database. Neither can Vlad, who is coming at it from a different angle.

Vlad is kindly trying to diagnose this problem while I resume tearing my hair out.

But before that, I think I will go have some dinner and see if I have a Program schedule when I get back. :)
26th-Oct-2018 11:28 pm - Take a Deep Breath
So I slept with the new CPAP last night.

The pressure is set slightly lower than I'm used to, at 14 instead of 16. I notice this, but it doesn't seem to prevent me from sleeping, so maybe it's better. :)

The new mask, on the other hand, I'm not happy with. It feels a bit small around my nose and the straps are at their limits to get the headgear to fit. Tonight, I'll try my old mask and see if that's better.

But it's progress.
25th-Oct-2018 10:29 pm - Thursday Update
Well, let's see.

I have a new CPAP. We'll see how it works tonight.

Katie has a new concussion, courtesy of a collision in gym class that resulted in her hitting her head on the floor. She seems quite well, happily, but the doctor wants her held out of school until Monday.

Gretchen is really, really tired.

And Julie needs to go to bed. :)
24th-Oct-2018 10:15 pm - One Thing Leads to Another
I believe I am supposed to get my new CPAP tomorrow at 1 PM.

Fingers crossed!
23rd-Oct-2018 10:45 pm - Sleep Studied
It is remarkable how little sleep actually occurs during a sleep study. Of course, the first couple of hours are spent with no CPAP so that they can see how frequently you stop breathing while sleeping. (Hint: in my case, a lot.) This is followed by connecting the CPAP to a mask and gradually ramping up the pressure. Since my current machine is set to 16, it took a lot of ramping before getting to an effective level.

But I think I got about two hours of actual good sleep. And they should have all of the data they need now as I try to get a new CPAP set to the proper pressure.

I expect to get more sleep tonight. :)
22nd-Oct-2018 08:23 pm - Comedy Tonight!
Well, actually, not so much comedy as my long-delayed sleep study.

Wish me luck!
22nd-Oct-2018 01:05 am - Home From OVFF
And, boy, are we tired. :)

More later...
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