Detail Work

I am unraveling an accounting change that needs to be made to our software due to a change in the GAAP standards. This is a lot of very picky work that all has to be done correctly so that everything will still balance.

I *think* I have located all of the moving parts, but I continue to dig, because I am paranoid.

Once I get everything mapped out, I can slam the change into the template and see if it behaves.

I have hopes.

That's Enough For Today

There are moments when I just want to start screaming at everyone to use their heads. Then I realize how little good that is likely to do.

In the meantime, we're all well here. A little stir crazy, but well, which is a good thing.

I continue to hold out hope for a miracle. And we might get one.

Or maybe a pony. A pony would be nice.

We'll see what happens next.

Take care of yourselves!

The Hurrieder I Go

At work today, I set out to fix a bug on my bug list. While I was working on it, I found a small bug that was preventing me from testing the fix, so I fixed that. I also found two other annoying bugs that I wrote up as new bugs for the appropriate people to fix.

Net bug score: one bug removed from the list, one other bug fixed without ever hitting the list, two bugs added to the list. bugCount = +1, although xBugCount (which is a more accurate version of the statistic) is 0.

No wonder we never catch up. :)

Taking Care of Business

Back to work today, where things were such that it was more or less like pushing string uphill. Tomorrow is likely to be better.

Dinner tonight was still more of the lovely roast that we made last week. I sliced thin strips off and heated them with BBQ sauce, which worked quite well. I think we have another two meals coming from the roast. :)

Kids are just starting their last week of break. Next week, they will be here, but will have schoolwork, which I think is going to arrive as a shock...


I got very little done this weekend, which I suppose has something to do with being in shut down. Maybe I just need to be reducing stress.

It also doesn't hurt that the tax filing deadline has been pushed out to July.

I will start coping with the taxes again shortly.

Maybe tomorrow.


Gretchen had suggested some time ago (based on my comments and online reviews) that it would be fun to rent "Shazam" and watch it. We've pretty much run out of recorded TV and it's not like we were going anywhere tonight, so we've now seen it.

It was fun. As DCU movies go, this is a good thing. We're looking forward to the next film.

And Here We Are

I had decided that I was going to go on a grocery run this morning. There was still no toilet paper, although I expect that situation to start correcting itself next week, because people are going to run out of places to put it. We still have about two dozen rolls scattered about, so we are not in immediate need, but we will be soon.

It turns out that this morning was a good time to go pick up a few things, because this afternoon, the Governor issued a shelter-in-place order starting late tomorrow afternoon. From what I understand, this set off another avalanche of trips to the grocery stores -- and the liquor stores! -- but the required behavior is very little different from what we've been observing in our house for the last week, so as long as I can get out and restock groceries as required, we should be ok.

But there's a story. See, Gretchen and I are fond of pecan pie. The kids can't stand it. This means that we are not inclined to make it for dessert, because all it does is annoy the younger generation. I used to be able to get the occasional piece of pecan pie from Baker's Square, but all of the ones in our neighborhood have closed, so that trick doesn't work any more.

Mariano's would happily sell me half of a pecan pie, but Mariano's puts sulfited coconut in their pecan pie, which means that I cannot have it, since puffing up like a balloon from a sulfite reaction is even worse for me than the amount of sugar in the pie.

Sam's Club makes a lovely pecan pie. It is, however, huge. It is more pecan pie than should be allowed in this house.

In honor of the coronavirus, I purchased the "We're All Going To Die" pecan pie from Sam's Club and brought it home, because I have reached the point where I have concluded that we deserve a treat.

We had modest slices of pecan pie for dessert tonight. It was quite good.

There is still a metric ton of pecan pie remaining.

I am sure we will figure out what to do with it.

I Do Believe I'm Feeling Stronger Every Day

I am still not quite 100% recovered from the flu, but I am coughing a lot less. (When I do start a coughing fit though, it's impressive!) I am also less mentally sluggish -- or as Gretchen would say, "I no longer have a head full of snot."

This is good, because it means that I'm thinking faster again. This is good for work, where I've had some interesting problems in the last two days.

With some luck, it will be good for getting the taxes finished this weekend. (Now that I have found the closing inventory from the basement, which was hiding under other papers on my desk...)

Chasing the Stick

We have a small silver laser pointer that we refer to as "The Stick That Makes The Fly Dance". It turns out that Ruby the Dog really, *really* likes to chase the little red dot (a.k.a. "The Fly") around. She *knows* that it comes from the stick, but this does not reduce her amusement with the process. It's fun to watch and it tires her out, both of which are good things.

I had let Ruby out on the way to bed. I went to the refrigerator and removed my Bydureon pen to carry it upstairs to warm up before taking my weekly injection. Because it is supposed to be kept horizontal until you are ready to shake it and use it, I was carrying it carefully in the correct position as I opened the back door to let Ruby back in.

Ruby took one look and decided that I was carrying The Stick That Makes The Fly Dance. She became *greatly* attentive, bouncing around in front of me, and trying to jump up and grab the stick.

This is not a great idea with the laser pointer, but it is an especially bad idea with my meds.

She eventually got in front of me on the first landing of the stairs. I gave in and called to K to find the *real* stick and entertain the dog for a bit.

It is now very loud downstairs.

But Ruby should sleep well.