Sunday, Sunday

I have a great many things that I need to do. (Does this sound familiar?) I hope to get to some more of the tomorrow.

I did manage to push the winter comforter through the wash today, which was good, because we turned on the air conditioner today in the interest of our survival. And we got the assorted debris in the kitchen (much of which originated with my birthday cake) cleaned up and into the dishwasher.

And I read a week's worth of newspapers so that they can go into the recycling. As is usual lately, this is greatly aided by the fact that there is no actual news to report.

When I'm 64

I had a lovely birthday today. After a bit of shopping to acquire the appropriate ingredients, we grilled some nice steaks for dinner. Later, we finished up putting together (for the second time) a spectacular recipe for chocolate cake that I got from Amy McNally. The first time that we made this three layer cake, K ate one of the layers before it actually got assembled. It turns out that's a good idea, because at three layers, it's a bit unstable when you cut it. :) We also tweaked the frosting recipe for more cocoa and less powdered sugar.

It was *very* chocolate. :)

One X H

I had heard for years that there was more to Heinlein's "The Number of the Beast" than had actually hit the presses. The suggestion that this material might actually get included in the Virginia Edition was one of the things that convinced me to go ahead and buy it.

Of course, it didn't end up there, but the full run of Heinlein juveniles made good bedtime reading for K for a long period of time. I need to get those back from her...

Anyway, it turns out that the material is an alternate version of about 3/4 of "The Number of the Beast", telling a completely different story starting about 1/4 of the way into the book. It has finally escaped into print and a copy of the novel, "The Pursuit of the Pankera", is sitting on my desk taunting me.

I have a great many things that I need to be doing.

And this is probably the only bit of original Heinlein that I haven't read.

Decisions, decisions...

Waiting For Godot

I am jammed up waiting for things on my various projects, so I went to fix SpotBugs errors today in between meetings. I fixed about 10% of the outstanding warnings, although half of that total was in a single file and fixed with a global search and replace.

Even so, it's progress.

Getting Ready

I headed out to Sam's Club this morning with meat in mind. It was a lovely sunny day and there was a line of folks waiting to get in, so I pulled off my jacket to let my skin catch a little extra sunshine, since generating a bit more Vitamin D is probably a good thing. I scored some nine T-bone steaks to grill tomorrow and a sirloin tip roast for Monday's dinner -- along with dog food, dog treats, and toilet paper. (Got to keep Ruby fed, you know. :) ) Oh, and flowers for Gretchen.

Late this afternoon, I finally accumulated everything for the taxes in electronic form and sent it off to the accountant. I still have to print off and mail the Dodeka forms and I need to send in the info for my dad's trust, but that shouldn't take long.

And then I can start on the ISFiC taxes...

Home for Mother's Day

Under normal circumstances, I would be at Marcon this weekend. Of course, these circumstances are nothing like normal.

On the bright side, it *does* mean that I will be home for Mother's Day on Sunday. If nothing else, it should improve the quality of the breakfast that the kids will be making for Mom given the additional adult supervision. :)

Breakfast and Work

I had a large, lovely breakfast that Gretchen brought back from our local pancake house. It was large enough that I eventually decided to dispense with lunch and get some more work done.

My work is not all done, but it is now time for dinner. :)

School's Out For Summer

The girls 12-month school has thrown in the towel for our pandemic year and decided to switch to the standard-for-the-district 10-month school calendar for next year, so they won't start up again until the end of August. By the time this occurs, it will have been about five and a half months since they last set foot in a school building. (Assuming that school starts back up on schedule.)

This is just a bit worrisome.

The Cellphone Shuffle

Julie's cellphone has been crochety for a while now. The last straw was when it no longer was able to read the SD card which I had formatted as internal storage, which meant that she lost a lot of data and apps. I will not make that mistake again.

I bought her a new phone. But it is a different model and Julie is stubbornly resistant to change, so she ended up stealing her mother's phone, which is identical to her old one. Fine.

Except we had the wrong numbers attached to the phones. Oh, and our provider is Ting and the old phone has service from Sprint, while the new phone has service from Verizon.

After a couple of chat sessions this afternoon, numbers have been swapped between the phones and all is again right with the world.

tl,dr: If you call Gretchen's cell phone number, you will now get Gretchen instead of Julie. :)