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Bill Roper's Journal
16th-Oct-2019 10:49 pm - One From Column A, One From Column B
The problem with decoupling your UI code from your Server code is that you can manage to write two different validations for data entry with two different sets of rules. This is, perhaps, not a good thing.
15th-Oct-2019 10:26 pm - Cards Lose
Well, the Cardinals ran out of luck, into a nasty slump, and looked pretty awful against the Nationals in getting swept in the NLCS. But, you know, all things considered, losing in the NLCS is a pretty good result, especially given how the team looked halfway through the season.

It should be an interesting World Series.

And I'm hoping it does *not* include the Yankees.
14th-Oct-2019 03:00 pm - Achievement Unlocked
I was at Walgreens for a pair of unrelated missions today and got my flu shot as long as I was there. This is a bit closer to OVFF than I had in mind, but better today than any later.
13th-Oct-2019 11:35 pm - Tired
I was apparently monstrously tired, because I slept until nearly noon.

Since I have work tomorrow, this will not be an option then. :)

Darned shame...
12th-Oct-2019 10:25 pm - Accomplishment and Sore Muscles
Katie's new bed is assembled and in place in her room.

Every muscle that I have is sore as a result. :)

But the bed sure does look nice.
11th-Oct-2019 11:13 pm - Step by Step
I made a lot of progress on things at work today. Less so on things at home, but that is what the weekend is for, I think.

We'll see how that goes.

One of my coworkers wished me a good long weekend and I noted that although our kids were off from school on Monday, *we* were not. It's a shame. I think we could *both* use that day.
10th-Oct-2019 10:05 pm - Thursday
There are things I need to get done for OVFF. Soon.

Given that it's Thursday, I think they will be waiting for the weekend.
9th-Oct-2019 10:39 pm - Cards Win!
I had to be working this afternoon and also shuttle K around to violin lesson and a band thing, so I wasn't even thinking about trying to watch the Cardinals / Braves NLCS Game 5 this afternoon. As I was getting ready to head out the door, I picked up the phone and it flashed me the score.

The Cardinals were up 6-0 in the first. What the heck? I thumbed the phone to get more information.

Wait! The Cardinals were up 7-0. Say what? Computer! Gamecast!

9-0! Wow!

Oh, look. The inning is finally over. Ozuna struck out.

10-0? How did *that* happen? Apparently, Gamecast was confused.

Time to go to violin lessons. And with good news behind me. :)

So the Cards are off to the NLCS. I am a bit surprised, given where they were about 11 innings ago...
8th-Oct-2019 10:15 pm - School!
The girls are back to school as of Monday following their fall break.

This morning, I had to get up early to take Katie to school for Jazz Band.

I am *very*, *very* tired.
7th-Oct-2019 07:25 pm - Cards Win!
I left work and headed home (that is to say, I walked the fifteen feet or so from my office to the bedroom) and flipped on the TV to watch the bottom of the ninth inning with the Cards / Braves game tied at 4-4. Sadly, the Cardinals did not score in the bottom of the ninth.

They did, however, hold the Braves scoreless in the top of the tenth before scoring a run in the bottom of the tenth to win 5-4. This is a much better outcome than I feared was about to arrive. :)
6th-Oct-2019 09:52 pm - The Disorganized Weekend
Not very much went as planned this weekend.

Gretchen and I went out for lunch at Smokey Bones up at Randhurst Mall today. This would have been an excellent plan, except that the restaurant is now permanently closed and I have to find a new place to get my BBQ fix.

Some of the Halloween decorating and prep got done, but not as much as Gretchen would have hoped.

I still need to place CD orders for OVFF. I now need to place them very *soon*.

And the Cardinals blew a lead in the ninth and lost to the Braves 3-1.


Well, tomorrow is another day.
5th-Oct-2019 11:30 pm - Binging
We binge watched another three episodes of season two of the Flash tonight.

Gretchen has been spoiled by our binge watching epidemic. We watch an episode of network TV and her response is "What do you mean I have to wait until next week?"
4th-Oct-2019 10:45 pm - Furniture to Go
Could any of our local friends use a nice queen-size light oak bookcase headboard? It's a nice piece of furniture (not particle board), but K wants it the heck out of her room to make more space.

The year-old queen-size Serta Brindale mattress, older box spring, and bed frame will be following at a slightly later date if you're looking for those.

Let me know. You just need to take it away to a good home.

4th-Oct-2019 10:43 pm - Testing, Testing
I built a new JUnit test framework using JMockit and now have a good place to stand to write lots and lots of unit tests as I build out my new code.

This makes me happy. It makes my bosses happy too, which is also a good thing.
3rd-Oct-2019 10:34 pm - Pulling One Out
I finally got done with work for today and headed downstairs where I turned on the late innings of the Cardinals / Braves NLDS game and saw the Cardinals pull one out (not without an abortive attempt to give it back). It was exciting!

We'll see what happens tomorrow.
3rd-Oct-2019 10:33 am - Lights, Siren, Action!
Today, I received yet another reminder that I live in one of the most corrupt and badly run states in the Union.

I was driving south on the Tri-State on my way to a doctor's appointment. I was in a construction zone, traffic was congested, and in the leftmost lane of the tollway (one to my left) there was a police vehicle approaching rapidly with its lights on. Well, that was easy to deal with. I wasn't in front of him, so I slowed down, left room for other vehicles to merge right, and he went past.

This was an unfamiliar police vehicle though. Traffic eased up almost immediately after he passed and he swung over into the right-hand lane and turned off his lights. At that point I got a good look at the text on the side of the vehicle: "Secretary of State Police". That seemed odd. Why in the world does the Secretary of State require his own police force?

A bit later, traffic became congested in another construction zone. By this time, the aforementioned vehicle was back in the leftmost lane. He popped on his lights and proceeded to pass the slowed traffic while driving on the shoulder. This seemed (and continues to seem) like a poor choice, because this falls into the category of fairly dangerous driving and it is difficult to imagine what sort of emergency the "Secretary of State Police" might be heading to that would make this a good idea.

When I got to my destination, I looked them up on the Internet. And here's what it says:

"The department is recognized throughout the state and the nation as one of the premier agencies for the enforcement of the motor vehicle theft statutes and the regulation of the automotive industry.

Currently the Department regulates more than 15,000 licensees including new and used dealers, used part dealers, repairers and rebuilders."

Right. Hard to imagine exactly what sort of emergency he was heading to that would require him to be running hot -- or, honestly, to have a vehicle with lights and siren at all.

But that's the state I live in.
2nd-Oct-2019 10:05 pm - That Went Better
Gretchen took over making the phone calls and the doctor's appointments have now been made.
1st-Oct-2019 10:25 pm - Returning Phone Calls
When a doctor's office is listed as "Accepting All Patients", but has a wait list that is so long that it is unclear that you will ever be able to see a doctor there and they promise to return a phone call in the morning but don't, you start to conclude that the clear English meaning of "Accepting All Patients" obviously means something else to people who have graduated from medical school.

Having wasted a day waiting for them to return the phone call as promised, we will now move on to other doctor's offices which are "Accepting All Patients" and see what version of English that they are using.
30th-Sep-2019 04:34 pm - Appointment Scheduling
It is one thing to have health insurance.

It is another thing to actually get an appointment scheduled in this lifetime.
29th-Sep-2019 10:01 pm - That's a Winner!
The Cardinals have clinched the NL Central on the final day of the regular season. This makes me happy.

I remember the Cardinals sliding into the playoffs in 2006 after a series of losses. That worked out well.

We'll see what happens this time.

(I'm not actually convinced that Maddon deserved to be let go by the Cubs. On the other hand, the GM rarely fires himself...)
28th-Sep-2019 11:55 pm - Fight Song
Julie's been wanting to record something in the studio. All Dad has to do is find the music to sing to.

Well, here's "Fight Song", which is one of her favorite songs. Let's grab the clip and load it up as a scratch track. I set up Julie and recorded her in one take singing along to the original.

Now, let's take the original clip and remove the vocals, paste it back into Cubase, and mix against *that*.

There we go. Gretchen beat me over the head until I got the EQ and reverb straightened out and now it sounds remarkably like Julie.

And pretty darn good for an eleven year old.

Here it is: Fight Song.
28th-Sep-2019 11:48 pm - 1-800-UPDATES
The other day, when I was down in the basement, I wandered into the studio to check on the computer there and -- what a surprise! -- Windows 10 wanted to update. Well, fine. I triggered the update and wandered back upstairs, because it was better to get the updating work done when I wasn't actually planning to be doing any work there soon.

Today, I took some laundry down to the basement and decided to see if the update had succeeded. It had, so I figured I'd fire up Cubase 10 and make sure things were working.

They weren't. The Cubase startup complained that my Melodyne installation had expired. It complained that my Soft Licenser needed to be repaired. (This was almost certainly because of the Windows update.) It simply was out to make a mess.

I fired up the eLicenser. It ran through the normal maintenance and informed me that it needed to be upgraded. I downloaded that. I installed it. This would require a reboot.

Oh, look! Windows 10 wanted to update again. This reminded me of what my work machine had done a few days ago, so I wasn't surprised. Update that, run the eLicenser. That's good.

Now, download the new version of Melodyne that doesn't have the annoying bug that is causing it to report out as expired. And install it.

Let me check. Yes, Cubase 10 has been updated as well. Let's download and install that.

Are we all ready now? Why, yes, we are. So let's test this out on one of the projects that I've been working on. Yep, seems to work. Test mix for song completed.

And then we got to the next bit of our story...
27th-Sep-2019 10:48 pm - Blank
There is nothing scheduled for the weekend.

And since work has maintenance scheduled, it should be unable to generate any excitement.

This sounds good.
One of the nice things about Java is that our debugging tools are a bit easier to use than the ones in the old version of Visual Studio that we're using. I saw that a data value was being set to some incorrect value. We had no idea of how it was happening, but I was pretty sure that only two methods could be setting it. So we set a breakpoint that would go off when this particular value was set using either of the two methods.

The breakpoint fired with the incorrect value heading for storage, we looked at the call stack, and the culprit was easily identified and neutralized. Yay, team!
25th-Sep-2019 09:37 pm - Actions Have Consequences
Actions have consequences. This turns out to be a very difficult lesson to teach.
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