Tonight's project was counting the inventory that sits in the basement. This was necessary, because I need that data for the taxes and I'm going to grab CDs to restock from there for Confusion this weekend.

Tomorrow, I will grab the CDs. :)

Fix Up

I added a few more bells and whistles to the project I've been working on today. I still have one more bit of error checking to add and then I'll declare victory and move on to something else.

There's a Friday the 13th Joke Here Somewhere...

I finished up the C# port today and checked it in.

Then I went and bothered one of my colleagues to show me how to use something that he'd mentioned in Java. After a bit of work using Jackson annotations, one of my Java classes is now happily emitting Json that the UI team should (with a bit of luck) be able to consume.

Well, that's the theory anyway.

Catching Up

We are still (mostly) in the Christmas broadcast TV hiatus, although shows are starting to trickle back into our view. This means that we are catching up on shows that we recorded for later (Arrow) and watching streaming TV (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel). The latter, we just started watching recently when we ran out of back seasons of The Flash. We have concluded that it is funny and *definitely* not something we can watch around the kids.

One of the interesting things about watching TV together is that Gretchen and I both have a tendency to fall into distinctive speech patterns that we've been listening to. This means that our dialogue can go completely off the rails depending on what we've been watching, heading off to Rob and Laura (or sometimes Rob and Sally), or Castle and Beckett, or even McGarrett and Danny.

Watching a show with as much stand-up comedy in it as Mrs. Maisel is *particularly* hazardous.

But funny.

C# Dressed Man

For someone who doesn't actually know C#, the port of this chunk of my code from Java to C# is going quite well. I think that I'm likely to finish the whole thing up tomorrow unless something goes horribly wrong.

The biggest chunk of time was spent sorting out the differences between a Java iterator and a C# IEnumerable interface. Other than that and a few scoping issues, things are going pretty well.

We'll see what happens next. :)