I have trimmed and otherwise adjusted a number of family photographs tonight. We have a lot of relatives, none of whom actually live around here, many of whom are no longer alive.

A Brisket of Unusual Size

I ran to Sam's Club this morning to pick up various things we needed. I scored toilet paper, but still no paper towels of our preferred brand. We have enough to last for a bit, so that was ok.

I had planned to pick up a modest brisket for dinner. It turned out that the modest flat cut brisket was $5.08 per pound. The *whole* brisket was $2.48 per pound.

I loaded 14 pounds of whole brisket into the cart. Gretchen put it in the oven shortly after I got home and we had (part of) it for dinner. It was lovely.

We will be eating a lot of brisket for the next week. :)

Packing It In

Most of the gear that I unpacked for NOVFF (I could look up the correct spelling, but I'm being lazy :) ) is now packed up and ready to be put back in storage. If nothing else, packing that is faster than packing a dealer table.

It was good to see a lot of you online.

I am hauling a mic and a guitar cable upstairs. There's a spare interface floating around, so with that, I may show up online more often.

We'll see how it goes. :)

And thanks again to everyone who nominated "Apology" for a Pegasus. We didn't win, but that's ok. It's fun just having the chance to get up on stage and play for y'all.

Next year, let's do it in person. :)

On Line Filking

I had fun at the Pegasus Nominees Concert today. Everybody did a wonderful job of making it work. Many thanks to Smac and the rest of the tech team, who put in a lot of hours of preparation so that things went smoothly.

Tonight, I dropped into some of the late night filking for a while. It's the first time that I've done that, because my home setup has been (frankly) woefully inadequate. It was a good time.

And now it is time for bed. :)

Electronic Corpses

I was doing some cleaning today and found Gretchen's old HP Stream laptop and charger, the former of which failed some years ago. Gretchen suggested that I plug it in and see what happened.

Short answer: this is one sick (and unrepairable) laptop. I may give it one more try, but I will probably have to wait several months for the battery to discharge to take another run at it, as it crashes / shuts down repeatedly and won't even let me run another BIOS reset.

I suspect that the soldered-in motherboard RAM is toast.

On the other hand, now I remember why I will no longer buy HP computers.