Light Practice

We didn't have our field for practice today (it was occupied by an actual game for one of the other local teams), so we headed out to the batting cages for a bit of work. I took a turn in the high-arc softball cage, that being the only one I was allowed in without a helmet, and demonstrated that I can still put a bat on a ball, which made me feel better about things. :)

But a good time was had by all.

Last regular season game is early Saturday morning. We'll see how it goes!

A Bit of Cleaning

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Cleaning out our basement begins with picking things up off the floor and putting them on shelves where they belong. Except that the shelves are full, so step one is to find things on the shelves that can be discarded. High on the list are empty boxes for hardware that we no longer own.

I brought a bunch of boxes upstairs for disposal. The space around the escape window has now been cleared, which will be really useful if it is ever needed as an escape window. I am hoping we won't have to test that...

The good news is that it took less than an hour to sort through that stack of mess. That was, perhaps, less time than I had expected it would take.

Hello, Deli!

We had originally thought to go to the pool this afternoon, but Gretchen's stomach was bothering her after lunch, so we discarded that plan. The quick dinner plan remained in effect though, so I went over to Mariano's and bought a variety of lovely deli meats and Swiss cheese, along with a loaf of rye bread. Returning home, I grilled a Reuben for my dinner, while Gretchen assembled a mass of ham, summer sausage, and Swiss cheese into her own epic sandwich.

It's nice having a kitchen again. :)

Bats and Balls

We arrived at our softball practice field this morning to discover that it was filled with men playing cricket. We have no idea if they actually booked our field out from under us with the Park District, but since the opposite field was unoccupied, we figured we'd go there. Unfortunately, that field was rather the worse for wear after yesterday's downpour, with major mud pits near first, third, and home.

So we decided to practice on the grass, except for a bit of infield practice between shortstop and second. There was hitting practice, pitching practice, fielding practice. And *then*, we set the kids to play "pickle". They had never played pickle before and a great deal of amusement was had by all. It was a good way to wrap up.

This evening, I headed back to Wrigley Field for my first trip there since the season ended in 2019. I had moved seats for the 2020 season, but since there was no in-person baseball in 2020, this was my first chance to sit in them. I am rather pleased with them, especially since I hope this will keep the cold east wind out of my face early and late in the season.

The game could have gone better, but that's ok. There will be another game. :)


The heatwave finally broke temporarily as the thunderstorms rolled through this afternoon. Unfortunately, this also took the power out for about three hours. It is *amazing* to watch what happens when there is no power and no wi-fi. :)

I, however, am old. And my guitar was sitting on its stand in the office, which meant that *I* was easily able to find things to do for a while.

Meanwhile, in other news, NBC has officially canceled "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist", which seems like a terrible waste of a really good TV series. The studio is continuing to shop it around and has suggested posting in various places with the hashtag #saveZoeysplaylist, so let me contribute here and encourage those of you who can stomach Twitter to do the same.

Sadly, there are too many twits on Twitter for my taste...


It is good that the weekend is here, because if I were any more tired, I would just fall over.

It's not clear that things are going to slow down this weekend, but I have more options. :)

Time to Sing

K wandered by my office today and was commenting on time travel and time stop powers. So I asked her to bring up my guitar from downstairs and I sang "The Sinister Walk" and "Time After Time" for her from the copies on my website. She was pleased. And so was I.

And now, my guitar is on the stand in my office again. I am also pleased by this. :)

Clearing the Queue 2: How *Is* The Cat?

As long as I'm clearing things off the queue, Gary asked about how Sunshine the Cat is doing, so let's cover the feline half of the animal population of the household today.

Sunshine is doing well. She has settled into the household, although she is still wary of Ruby the Dog, so she spends very little time in the family room. Since this is where Gretchen and I usually are in the early evening, we don't see much of her until we go up to watch a bit of TV in the bedroom before going to bed. At that time, Sunshine leaps upon the bed and demands that her head be scritched and her chin chucked. This is the chin-chuckingest cat I have ever had, but it makes her happy and only takes one hand, so we can make this work. :)

When downstairs, Sunshine is most often found in the living room, which is where Julie has been hanging out. She also hangs out in Julie's bedroom upstairs.

A week or so ago, everyone else was out of the house except me. Sunshine the Cat was in the hallway just outside of Julie's bedroom door; Ruby the Dog was in the hallway between me and Sunshine. No actual attempts at investigation or combat were observed.

This is good.