Plague Continues

I am spending a lot of time in bed and starting to feel better, although I still *sound* like a walking advertisement for lung removal services. I'm poking at work, which mostly means attending meetings and crawling back into bed.

Tomorrow should be better.


My best guess is that I have the flu. So does Julie. K is almost over it.

Gretchen has something else while she is getting ready to get the flu.

I suppose this year's flu shot (which I was the only one in the family to get) was not a waste of time, but it feels like it at the moment.

Better luck next year?

Another Brick In The Wall

I appear to have run into the wall, possibly with whatever has afflicted K this week. All I know is that I lay down for a two hour nap this afternoon, which I *desperately* needed. I still feel less than great, but we'll see how more sleep does. :)

Kids Got Talent

Tonight was the Iroquois school Talent Show. K was playing one of the "judges" for the competition -- of course, *everyone* moved along from the auditions to the main show (save for one gag act). And she played a credibly arrogant Simon Cowell, impressing a number of folks with her stage presence.

Well, practice makes perfect. :)


It turns out that the injury to Ruby's paw was more severe than we had hoped originally. The vet spent some substantial time stitching her back up. She is now wearing a large bandage on one paw and wondering exactly what she did to deserve this.

Antibiotics are part of the mix. If nothing goes wrong, she should be fine, but she will be doing less running around the yard for a bit.

Short Mileage

I took Ruby for a short walk tonight. Unfortunately, this was one of those cases where everything was going wrong. Before I got out the door, I went to zip up my winter jacket and the zipper pulled loose at the bottom of the coat. It's probably repairable, but meant that I couldn't zip it up in the cold weather. Well, there was always the light jacket.

Did I mention that it is *way* too cold for the light jacket?

But Ruby got out on the front porch on her leash and was the most excited dog on the planet. We walked to the end of the block and back, which was about as much cold weather as I could stand in the light jacket. We got back about the time that Gretchen was leaving to run out and pick something up for Julie at a drive-thru. Ruby likes riding in the van, so I turned her over to Gretchen.

Sadly, Ruby had injured her paw earlier in the day and it had bled quite a bit. It didn't seem to be bothering her at all before or after the walk, but it opened up again in the van, so she'll likely need to see the vet in the morning.

But she *really* enjoyed her walk.

Obviously, I Should Get More Sleep

So it was getting late and Gretchen and I were sitting downstairs with Ruby the Dog happily asleep on her bed after a couple of nights in the kennel. I stood up to head upstairs to go to bed and suddenly Ruby is up like a flash as I walk into the kitchen, barking and hurling her ball at me.

Apparently, I am to throw the ball. This is not a *great* surprise, as I am the most reliable ball thrower in the house. (Gretchen also throws the ball, but not as far. K & J have to be bludgeoned into throwing the ball in most cases.)

I pick up the ball, open the door, Ruby rushes out and I hurl the ball into the chilly darkness. I figure Ruby will turn around and run back in, but she starts circling.

"No, Ruby, come in!" Then she stops and squats.

"Yes, Ruby, go ahead and pee before you go to bed. That's what *I'm* going to do."

I turn to Gretchen and say, "I probably shouldn't be shouting that out the back door at this hour of the night. It'll bother the neighbors."

"Oh, by now, the neighbors have given up being bothered."

Probably true.

Home From Capricon

And we're back from Capricon. We spent a nice evening at home with Midkiffs as guests, which gave us a chance to chat and the kids a chance to get some more play time in.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the music programming! I don't know about all of you, but I had a wonderful time. :)