Moving the Pile

Our contractor came by today and moved the base cabinet to the correct position on the wall. The cabinet crew will come and move the two upper cabinets next week and install the rest of the hardware, at which point those things should be in pretty good shape.

Having the lower cabinets all in the correct location will make it easier when the fellow comes tomorrow to measure for the granite countertops. We'll need to remind him that the refrigerator will *not* be staying flush against one of the lower cabinets, but other than that, things are where they are going to stay.

We will then go into the long night of the kitchen, waiting for the granite fab to be completed. This is supposed to take seven to ten days. It will seem longer. :)

And then there will be the tile work for the backsplash, but that shouldn't take too long, I suspect.

In the meantime, I have been offloading boxes into the upper cabinets that are in the correct position. The problem is *finding* the right boxes, because they are mostly not labeled. So it's open a box, see what's in it, realize that it is not yet a useful box, and try another.

But I got three boxes into the cabinets tonight, which is not bad. And I found the baking cookware for Gretchen to offload into drawers tomorrow, so that will be good too.

Design on the Fly

The great thing about us and getting this kitchen done is that we are able to design on the fly.

Our contractor came by, looked quickly at the situation, and agreed that all we really need to do is shift three of the existing cabinets down the wall by a couple of inches, insert fill, and all will be well there. Well, once we find the great expanse of crown molding that is nowhere to be seen in the garage. We'll figure that out.

Meanwhile, I have placed yet another Amazon order to get ten more cabinet knobs. Gretchen is concerned about injury potential with a lot of handles on the island, so we're going to put knobs on all of the lower cabinet doors, and use the handles on all of the uppers. The pantry doors will all get handles. This should look almost like it was planned from the beginning. :)

And once the tiling is done, we will buy a lot of stainless steel outlet covers for the backsplash, as we think those should look really nice on the tile we've selected. The existing white covers would be ok, but the stainless should be better.

We'll see how it goes!

Time to Rearrange

I expect to hear back from the contractor on Monday and we'll discuss exactly how to fix things up in the kitchen. I don't think any of this will be particularly difficult to sort out, but we'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, Gretchen and I started unpacking some things into various cabinets. The drawers are off-limits until the countertops arrive, but there are a lot of upper and lower cabinets (most of which are not under threat of being moved) that can be filled with stuff. We have a lot of stuff, although less than we did a few weeks ago.

The lower section of the pantry has lovely pull-out drawers now and they are filled with cereal, bottles, cans, and boxes of food. Things will probably move around for a while, but this is a good start. The chips and alcohol are on the first fixed shelf in the pantry, which is where the chips were before, while the alcohol has moved up one level and parted company with the cereal.

The main dishes are in a whole new cabinet, because that's pretty much the only place where they will fit comfortably. The mugs may go to join them there, but they remain in hiding somewhere. The pull out drawers on the left side of the stove are now full of pots and pans. The spice collection seems to have remained where it was, but has now pretty much taken over the first shelf of the narrower cabinet there.

Gretchen regrets the new corner cabinets, but I have not yet begun to store things away there. If I manage to use them efficiently, it will make everything look better. If I don't, well, there's the rub.

And I have acquired some lovely three-inch nickel handles for the cabinet doors, which should greatly improve our ability to open them up. :) There are advantages to using Amazon Prime sometimes.

Closer To Fine

So the cabinets went in today, which is good.

There are, sadly, two problems. First, there is a measurement glitch which resulted in the cabinets along one wall being three inches short of the correct span. I think I know how this happened; we now need to figure out the best way to correct it. I think this can be done without needing any additional parts (assuming there's enough slack in the crown molding), but we'll need to talk it through. If I'm right, then we should be able to measure for countertops without much difficulty.

The second problem is that the installers cut the hole for the outlet in the island too high, so that the electrical box wouldn't fit against the drawer. The hole is now much too large and we're trying to figure out the best way to cover it up. This is a bit of a challenge to do without turning it into a curiosity, but we'll figure out something.

We also discovered that it is going to be absolutely vital to install handles on the cabinet doors, because it is really, really difficult to open some of them without having handles. I have ordered the handles, which should arrive tomorrow.

But progress is being made! I even unpacked a box. It was the box full of chips, but it was a box nonetheless.

This and That

Gretchen felt pretty lousy today in the wake of the COVID shot and spent most of the day huddled under a blanket on the couch. Neither kid ended up going to school today, but both participated remotely for a different variety of reasons.

Me? I was doing fine and back to work and a whole bunch of meetings in and around coding.

Meanwhile, our contractor replaced a bunch of damaged and/or missing drywall in the kitchen. The cabinet install is supposed to start early tomorrow morning, which means that I should consider getting some sleep soon, as I have volunteered to take the early shift.

Softball practice tomorrow looks likely to be canceled due to rain, which -- all things considered -- is probably a good thing. :)

That Was the Day That Was

We finished packing out the kitchen last night around midnight and got way too little sleep last night. Then it was up early this morning so that the plumbers could disconnect the dishwasher, sink, and refrigerator water. Meanwhile, K headed off to school and Gretchen delivered J to school, so they were where they needed to be. Ruby the Dog was decanted into her kennel, which we had moved to the living room so that she wouldn't be in the same room with the workmen, as we figured that would make her less sad about the whole experience.

The plumbers finished up quickly, so they had left before Gretchen and I headed off to Rockford for our second COVID vaccination. They were just as efficient and friendly as they'd been last time, so by noon we were back in Des Plaines, making the whole round trip in just three hours. We had given our contractor an alarm code, so he was able to get in and start demolition while we were still on our way to Rockford.

They finished up early in the afternoon. One of his workmen wanted the uppers for a project that he's working on, so they are in our garage and will be leaving tomorrow. I'm glad that someone else will get some use out of them, as the upper cabinets weren't too bad -- it was the lower cabinets that were becoming problematic.

Back to work, where I think we have sorted out the root cause of the latest crisis. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to solve it today, because exhaustion and lack of sleep was winning. (Not, I believe, from the COVID vaccine -- I just was really short on sleep.)

While we were on the way to Rockford, I was informed that our hands-on CPR training for the softball league was tonight at 7 PM. About 4:45, I decided that the better part of valor was a nap.

And the CPR training went well and I am now certified for two years, which is good. I hope never to need to use this, but as Gretchen frequently says, "Better to have and not need than to need and not have." The part of the course about the AEDs was absolutely fascinating. They are remarkable little devices.

Tomorrow, our contractor will be back to paint the kitchen. And on Saturday, the cabinets should go in.

So far, so good...

Countdown - 3

As of today, there were three days left until the kitchen renovation begins. Ack!

Gretchen packed a lot of stuff out today. Over lunch, we dropped off three more boxes of stuff with Goodwill, which gets them out of our way and (we hope) on their way to someone who will want them.

This evening, we packed a big box of dishes that we won't be using for the next bit. And I packed two boxes of foodstuffs from the cabinets, which greatly reduced the number of things in there. I found about ten different expired cans and bottles which will *not* be getting packed. Oh, look! Here's the unopened, very old can of Crisco from when I thought we were going to make pie crust from scratch...

Tomorrow, the cabinets are being delivered to my half of the garage to stage them for installation.

There is *still* too much stuff left to pack, but the mountain is being moved.

Packing It In

Packing up the kitchen for the upcoming renovation proceeded apace today, because we are really running out of days and choices. The kitchen junk drawers and almost everything on the charging shelf went into boxes today. The chips were cleaned out of the pantry and placed in a large, accessible box, as we suspect that we'll be needing those next week. A lot of stuff went into the garbage, boxes for charity, or for electronics recycling.

Most of what's left to be packed is dishes and food. That will be done Wednesday night.

Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, I found a rib roast at Mariano's which became the main course for our Easter dinner tonight. And the first of the bones made Ruby *very* happy. :)