Do the Hustler

We're watching the new game show, The Hustler, on ABC. This is largely because it is hosted by Craig Ferguson and he's generally funny reading the phone book. :)

But it's an intriguing little game that should appeal to folks who like games like Clue. The objective is to identify the Hustler who is playing the game and who will go home with all the money if the other two contestants can't figure out who is hustling them. So far, we're three episodes into the season and I've identified the Hustler in two out of three.

It's harder than it looks though. :)

Infinite Annoyance

As nearly as I can reconstruct from memory, it appears that some time in the last five years or so, I made an update to our floating point math handling so that it follows the floating point math standard and gives the result of X / 0.0 as Infinity. I tend to think that this is a good thing, but apparently my opinion is not universal.

However, since the change is nearly five years old at this point, I think the change is going to need to stand.

We'll see how this sorts out.

Moving the Pile

We merged a bunch of things that I did at work in the code cleanup area. Now I'm working on another batch of cleanup items, writing additional bugs to dispatch to some of the experts in particular areas when I'm not entirely sure of the best way to clean up a particular mess.

Eventually, I hope to do some more work on the POC that I've been working on, but that requires other folks who are very busy to free up.

We'll see what happens.

Still More of This and That

More work on Capricon-related things today, along with a couple of loads of Gretchen's laundry that I processed while she was taking Julie to a playdate with one of her Internet friends who turns out to live not too far away. Much socially distanced playing seems to have occurred.

And I got a chance to give my sister advice on getting a scanner with a sheet-feeder, which mostly boiled down to "buy a nice MFP". It was a fun conversation.

Swept Away

Today, I swept up an enormous pile of fir needles. And another enormous pile of dog hair.

Sadly, there is still a lot more stuff that needs to be swept, vacuumed, and / or put away somewhere.

But you've got to start somewhere.

One Thing at a Time

I am running fantastically behind on a number of things, which means this is going to be a busy weekend.

Meanwhile, we have gotten the patch together at work. I've found a number of sniglets in the code which I'm working on cleaning up, because code hygiene is important.

Next week, I hope to get back to the project that I'm supposed to be working on, but I'm waiting for help from some of my colleagues who are about as far behind as I am. :)

Work Gone Wild

Another round of fixes destined for an emergency patch that I spent most of the day hacking out with one of my co-workers. The code in the neighborhood is much cleaner now -- I wrote this fairly early in my Java adventure and was able to make a bunch of fairly trivial, but major improvements while cleaning up the bad behavior that was going on. And I managed to eliminate a lot of duplicate code, which is always a bonus.

It's passed our initial smoke tests to see if it has fixed all of the client bugs, so a build is underway and QE will have at it in the morning.

Chaos! It's what's for lunch.

Bits and Pieces

We took the lights and ornaments off the Christmas tree today so that it could go out tomorrow when we're taking out the trash. I suppose we could have done it tomorrow, but then we'd be doing that *and* trying to get the rest of the trash and recycling together, which could be a bit much. It was a nice tree for a rough Christmas season.

In cat news, Sunshine has taken to coming upstairs to find me in my office during the workday to let me know that her food and/or water dish is empty. This is, I suspect, because Gretchen is in the room with the menacing doggie. She also occasionally visits us in the bedroom while we're watching TV in the late evening. So progress is being made.

Work is keeping me busy, which is, I suppose, better than the alternative. :)