Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Off to the Library

A lady from the library paid a visit to Katie's preschool on Thursday and gave her a coupon that would get her a prize if she took it to the Des Plaines Public Library. And that was where we went after lunch today.

Now, we had never set foot in the library in the years since we'd moved to town (during which time they actually built the new library), because we've become relentless buyers of books. But it seemed that the time had come.

daisy_knotwise stopped at the front desk to get a library card while I shepherded Katie and Julie off to the second floor which is entirely devoted, it seems, to the children's section, complete with computers to access children's games, a pirate ship, and a Duplo table. Oh, yes, and more children's books than the girls had ever seen in one place. And other children. The girls were delighted and mostly within a reasonable volume range for a library, although I see why the children's section is on a separate floor. :)

We came home with seven borrowed books and two library cards, as I grabbed one when we went back downstairs. I suppose it is still possible to borrow books.

I'd forgotten.
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