Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Van Sleetin'

Because we are apparently just a little bit nuts, we picked up the new minivan despite the winter storm warning in the area. The drive back from the dealership up in Libertyville (about 20 miles north of here) was actually better than the drive there in terms of weather, as the trip up was punctuated by large, wet snowflakes and lousy visibility. The trip back, not so bad.

daisy_knotwise got to drive the van home, so we went out to dinner so I could take it for a drive. (Not to mention take Katie and Julie out in the van, because I didn't think to take the van's child safety seats along to the dealer. And after the amount of crawling around the van they did in the showroom, there would be no peace until they went out for a drive.)

I've pumped a couple of presets into the radio now and have paired my cellphone with the hands-free system in the van -- Gretchen's phone will get paired up tomorrow.

So far, so good.
Tags: cars, home, kids, musings

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