Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Life In a Sitcom

Right now, we are at the stage of Katie and Julie's development where it is occasionally necessary to get the girls' attention on a subject. This not infrequently involves raised voices.

So the other night, daisy_knotwise became cognizant of the fact that three of the oversized puzzles had been opened and had their pieces scattered about the living room. She suggested politely that the girls should pick them up.

Katie and Julie declined.

Gretchen then suggested (with a bit more volume behind it) that the girls should clean up the puzzles now.

Katie continued to argue. "I didn't put the puzzles there!"

"I don't care who put the puzzles there," Gretchen replied forcefully. "It doesn't matter if it was you, or Julie, or if one of the neighbors broke in and put them there. I want them picked up!"

"That's it!" Julie said. "The neighbors did it!"

There was a pause and then Julie turned to Katie and asked, "What's a neighbor?"

Ok, this is way too much comedic timing for a three-year-old...
Tags: home, humor, kids, musings
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