Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Thank You, Billy Mays

fuzzbucket_cat has developed an annoying habit when we go out of town. He proceeds to pee and poop where he sleeps. Since that spot is our bed, it's really annoying to come home to. Other beds also appear to be fair game.

As a result, we close all of the other bedrooms when we leave, but we don't want to close off our bedroom because -- well, it's where he sleeps and we don't want to find out how he'd take out his wrath upon us if we did.

Instead, daisy_knotwise bought a flat, waterproof mattress pad that we can cover the bed with. This protects the rest of the bed from the Bucket's depredations, but results in one really stinky mattress pad. We've used it four or five times now and despite our best efforts at destinking it, Katie immediately noticed the smell when asked to carry it upstairs from the basement. Sadly, she was all too correct, so it stayed in the basement these past few weeks.

Tonight, I threw it into the laundry with detergent and two scoops of Oxy-Clean. I now have a clean, dry, non-stinky mattress pad.

I guess it does work. :)
Tags: cats, home, musings

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