Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Work and Taxes and WindyCon, Oh My!

I am itching to pick up my guitar and write something. I have been for weeks now. It isn't going to happen at the moment, because there's a finite amount of creative energy in my universe and it's busy being used elsewhere.

I'm co-chair of WindyCon this year and we've been spending a fair amount of time ironing out the wrinkles as we get everything moving. With any luck, we'll be announcing some more guests shortly and that will be good. I'm also Chair in Waiting for the 2013 WindyCon and need to start inviting guests there just as soon as we get this year's slate wrapped up.

I've been working desperately to try to get the locking fixes to our server platform at work done. Yes, this has been going on since August. However, we're now in testing and I can see that the end game is in sight. I just need to fix the rollback code for one class of transaction and this should be done. I'm sure that there's more work that I could do on this, but I think that there's no more work that I need to do on this. Any locking problems that are still out there are hidden in places where they're not likely to pop up easily and can be cleaned up later in a more sane fashion.

And it's tax season. I hate tax season. But this afternoon, I'm going to start getting everything entered into the spreadsheets and PDFs so I can make this go away. If I can find all of the data, this shouldn't take too long.

I'll let you know how that goes. :)
Tags: home, musings, taxes, windycon, work

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