Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Yes, I Know...

There are a lot of people worse off than I am. But it has been an extremely annoying 48 hours or so.

Katie's precious blanket, Badi, went into the Jewel, didn't come out (it appears), and can't be found there. I went and checked again this morning to no avail. daisy_knotwise had promised to take Katie to look for Badi, so they set out this afternoon and came back empty. Katie knocked on the door of my office, crying, and asked if I could come down and sit with her in my recliner chair downstairs, but I couldn't, because I had to take a call. (I did get to sit with her later.)

I was up past 4 AM trying desperately to insert more logging code into our application so we can try to figure out what the memory problem is that QE is detecting after three days of Uptime testing. The problem happened at about 2 AM on Sunday night -- I was told about it around 6 PM on Sunday night, which is a bit later than I might have hoped.

Of course, I slept badly. And then I got up and put more logging code into the application. If there is a problem with document handling, this code should find it.

If it's a problem somewhere else, I may find it as I sift through the debris.

And since this is logging code, when asked what all these changes fixed, my answer was "Nothing." Which is not quite true, because the file operations on the server are much more transparent than they were before, but it's true that I didn't eliminate any bugs this way.

I am tired, I am frustrated, and the only good news is that Katie seems to be feeling a bit better.

And that makes me feel better.
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