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If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Kona

And here we are in Kona, Hawaii on our last day in the Hawaiian Islands.

We had to get up early again to catch the tender for our bus tour. I'm not a breakfast person -- normally, it's a cinnamon raisin bagel and some cream cheese -- but I've been trying to eat something more substantial every morning along with the bagel, since I never know when lunch will be. But given the dicey state of my digestion, I've pretty much been limited to scrambled eggs and ham. (Fortunately, the eggs aren't green.) The problem is that I'm getting really tired of that diet and when I've tried something like sausage, my stomach hasn't been happy with me.

"You could try some cereal," daisy_knotwise suggested. "You actually like Raisin Bran."

Well, yes, I do, although Jeff -- who also likes Raisin Bran -- has reported that trying to find a box of it some mornings has been damned near impossible. But I figured I'd give it a try in my usual dietarily perverse manner. And there was no shortage of Raisin Bran this morning. And I'm happy to report that it's pretty good in chocolate milk.

(Don't make that face. You eat chocolate covered raisins, don't you?)

Anyway, it was a pretty relaxed day. Jeff and Carol went snorkeling again today, Jeff's foot being slightly better and his bloodstream being full of Aleve, while Gretchen, Jerry, and I set out on the Kona highlights bus tour. We saw a lot of pretty scenery, including a national park down on the shore whose name I've misplaced, but that used to be a "place of refuge" during the tribal wars on the islands. We also saw the Painted Church, which is a tiny church with a great many painted scenes on the walls including "Hell" and the "Temptation of Jesus". Gretchen was still a little bit under the weather, so she took it easy and didn't do a lot of walking.

When we got back to Kailua-Kona, I checked in with work via cellphone and discussed a couple of bugs with Doug. I'm not sure they've fixed them correctly, but the fixes seem to work. We'll see. I'm sending them a note discussing the problems tonight.

Before I left for Hawaii, Terry at the Guitar Works in Evanston had recommended that I go see the Goodall Guitars shop in Kailua-Kona if I had the chance. I didn't have the address, but I had the brochure that Terry had given me with a phone number, so I gave them a call. It turns out that they normally only do tours on Thursday and Friday. On the other hand, they asked who had referred me to them and when I told them "Guitar Works", I was put on hold and offered a tour by James Goodall if I could get up there by 1:00 PM. While this was quite possible, I was feeling far too much like a tire kicker at an auto dealership to accept that offer, so I passed on it. On the other hand, I'll probably try playing a Goodall guitar at Terry's if he has one in stock. (I suspect that he does.)

We decided to grab lunch and ended up at the Kona Style Fish and Chips Restaurant. We each had the deep-fried Mahi Mahi and chips and pronounced it good. After that, we did the obligatory shopping run. Jerry and I split off from Gretchen so that we didn't annoy her by being "guys". A bit down the street, the Cappucino Boy's unerring instinct for finding coffee led him to the hole-in-the-wall shop run by one of the local coffee plantations, where he bought himself a couple of pounds of 100% Kona peaberry coffee beans at $20 per pound. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I had a taste from the sampler and have to admit that it was pretty good coffee.

We rejoined Gretchen at the Whaler's General Store where she was buying various items and was about to buy some coffee. I soon found myself headed back down the street to pick up more of the peaberry coffee. (Ok, I volunteered.) Jerry decided to head back to the ship, while Gretchen and I wandered over to the beach next to the tender landing. Gretchen had wanted a chance to get her feet in the water and took this opportunity to do so while I kept watch on the growing mound of packages. (Which included macadamia nuts for the guys at work, since I really need to get them to let me back in, now that they think they can actually fix my code without me.)

I decided to head back to the ship, but Gretchen didn't want to deal with the line for the tender. It turned out that the line was for the other ship in port, so I'm back here typing and she's somewhere on shore. But I'm sure she'll be along soon.

Tonight, we go cruising past Kilauea.

It's been a lovely cruise.
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