Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Katie has been agitating to go with me to a Cubs game for a while now. Through the oddest of luck, I had a spare ticket for today's Cubs/Sox game, because among the people I called, I heard:

  • I am out of town running the Nebula Awards
  • I am on call for the NATO summit
  • I am doing something with my wife
  • I have to drive my son to the prom
  • I'm going to a drumming workshop
  • My wife is going to a drumming workshop and I have to watch my son
  • I have to work on a project that I'm behind on
  • My wife is not going to the drumming workshop and I'm going to a Pacers game
  • I'm going to a Capricon meeting (which I skipped)
  • I'm out of town

    There may have been others -- I've lost track.

    So Katie and I went to the game. Katie proved capable of going to and from the ladies restroom by herself. The fact that it was at the bottom of the stairs for our section helped.

    However, I don't think she watched a single play of the game, because there were an almost four-year old pair of mixed twins, boy and girl, directly in front of us. Much entertainment ensued.

    As did:

  • A large unsweetened iced tea from the McDonald's across the street
  • Peanuts (which I mostly ate; Katie mostly sucked salt off the shells like her mother)
  • Cracker Jack (which Katie mostly ate)
  • A tiny Cubs helmet full of soft-serve vanilla
  • A plain hot dog
  • Leftover cotton candy and popcorn from the twins in front

    I would not have survived the game without the twins in front of us.

    The Cubs didn't survive the game anyway, losing 7-4 in a game not nearly as close as the final score.

    We probably won't try this again for a while...
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