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Bronze Mermaids Just Go Clang

Shipboard life isn't overly exciting. On the other hand, our bathroom light failed tonight promptly at 11 PM. We've put a call in to the Front Office. So far, we're at 15 minutes of darkness and counting.

This, however, wasn't as bad as the vacuum failure in the vacuum toilets earlier today that stopped them all from working on this level for a while. Fortunately, that seems to be fixed.

The ship has continued to travel slowly, as we're now dealing with a force 7 headwind again and -- as of this afternoon -- one of the diesel generators that supplies power to the engines wasn't working, although the engineer assured the Captain that it would be working by 6 PM. I haven't heard a call of "Man overboard" yet, so I'm guessing that he succeeded. He'd better, or we're never going to make it back to San Diego on schedule, at which time all sorts of annoying things will happen.

Do you get the feeling that Holland America might need to put a bit of money into maintenance?

The food on board is actually pretty decent, although it's basically restaurant food from a limited menu each night for dinner and buffet food for breakfast and lunch. (You can get breakfast and lunch in the Rotterdam Dining Room from a similar limited menu, but it's usually more trouble than it's really worth.) But dinner includes choices for appetizer, soup, salad, entree, and dessert and I've never had an evening where I can't find something I want to eat in four of the five categories. (What? Skip dessert?)

Tonight was the dessert extravanganza in the Lido Restaurant. The ship's chefs spend a lot of time putting together an attractive display of desserts which are then shortly demolished by hungry passengers. I had a slice of Snickers pie, a chocolate covered strawberry, and some very nice dark chocolate raisin bark. And that was all that I had room for. (And that only because I skipped dessert at dinner tonight.)

You can buy an upgraded dining experience at the Pinnacle Grill. I've noticed that the price of lunch and dinner there has been falling during the cruise, I suspect largely because the place is mostly empty. Most of the passengers don't feel like paying more money for food when they're already getting something that's pretty satisfactory. Add to that passengers who don't feel like eating a really good steak (for example) because they're too busy worrying about being seasick to really enjoy that really good steak and you get a depopulated restaurant. As I was heading into the Lido today for lunch, one of the folks at the Pinnacle Grill display told me that I could get a 10% discount on a bottle of wine.

"That's fine," I replied, "but unfortunately I'm allergic to wine."

I think it's being that sort of day for him.

The bathroom light is still out.

One of the things that happens on shipboard is that bits and pieces of conversation get quoted and requoted. For instance:

"Bronze mermaids just go clang." In the central atrium of the Statendam is a multi-story statue of a group of bronze mermaids. We discussed whether or not the sculpture had been glass on some other ship that we'd been on. Glass, however, might break, while bronze mermaids -- well, you get the picture.

"English Majors on Drugs. That would be a good name for a band." Jeff is an English major and has been seriously hopped up on meclizine for seasickness. This has made him pretty groggy and perhaps not the best asset that a trivia team has ever had, although our team did win again today and collect a bunch of "Dam Hats". Since mine fit like my hats usually fit, I gave mine to Carol.

"I really like Nazi flying saucers." Jeff has been reading a crackpot book on Nazi flying saucers. It asserts many things, most of them likely untrue. However, wouldn't it be cool technology?

I'm asking daisy_knotwise to help me remember more of these, but she would like to go to sleep. Maybe I should follow.

(By the way, I've offered to post for her if she wants to, but she's decided to save up for when she gets home. So it's not my fault. :) )

And the bathroom light is still out. It's been half an hour. Time to call the desk again. *sigh*
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