Bill Roper's Journal
Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay 
5th-Dec-2004 02:46 pm
Today, for our enjoyment, the Captain (and Mother Nature) have programmed force 9 winds, 60 knot gusts, and very rough seas.

The seas were rough enough that, during our lunch on the Lido Deck, we rescued our dishes from sliding off the table several times -- daisy_knotwise made a nice catch to preserve the table's flower arrangement. ("Quick! Save the orchids!") But absolutely nothing was going to help on one roll that spilled half of the dessert tables, many diners' dishes, any dirty dishes that were stacked on the side, and a whole cabinet full of supplies. There was going to be a lot of cleanup.

Our trivia team finished third today; however, they're going to make us get off the ship tomorrow anyway.

In other news, we lost the lights for the fifth time last night. They came back on (after an abortive one minute flicker) at 8:07 AM. *sigh* At least, I still have the flashlight.

The talent show went very well. Gretchen and I have been fielding compliments on "Apology" from a lot of people, including Doug, our Cruise Director, and members of his staff. We appear to have struck a chord.

It looks like we'll arrive in San Diego on time tomorrow, which means we can catch a plane home and return to normal life.

This will be a good thing.

(And I'm definitely going to put the shorts away until next summer.)
5th-Dec-2004 11:29 pm (UTC)
Bill....call me when you have settled in when you get back...BTW this is Phoenix
7th-Dec-2004 04:01 am (UTC)
Ok. I'll get phone numbers from Gretchen or you can call me at work tomorrow at 847-663-6901.
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