Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Spring Cleaning

Ok, it's nearly fall. So I'm running a little behind. *sigh*

I spent much of the day doing laundry. This meant I was going up and down the stairs to the basement and I finally decided that I couldn't stand the condition of the place any longer. Now the basement is not the most important room in the house, but if I could manage to get the pool room back into some sort of reasonable shape, Katie and Julie could actually play down there from time to time.

The problem was the fine mass of stuff that had taken root on the couch.

I started by reducing a number of empty boxes to folded up cardboard, most of which eventually ended up in the recycling. I then put away the cordless drill that had been sitting on the couch ever since samwinolj and I assembled the second paperback bookcase in the basement some very long time ago.

There was a box full of cables and assorted computer gear that I no longer need. The ancient joysticks and a parallel port Zip drive have gone into a box to be donated to the next organization that calls. The push-on coax and such went into the recycling along with a bunch of speaker wire. (Copper is copper.) The remaining useful cables were pushed toward the studio or the cable bins. Obvious garbage (coax to VHF adapters) went to the trash.

A box of fake fur was removed to a location near the shelves where it may eventually come to rest. Another set of fabric-related projects was collected into a shopping bag and set on an end table. A Christmas wreath was held for daisy_knotwise's inspection. The now heavily cracked fake leg bone that was made out of sculpy and PVC pipe for a long-ago SpaceTime Theater sketch was disassembled and trashed. Two more boxes were picked up off the floor and put onto a chair.

I then brought the big vacuum cleaner downstairs and spent half an hour or so tracking down escaped dryer lint and the like. The carpets now look much better. The pathways around the basement are mostly clear.

There is still plenty more to do down there, but it is now more or less usable.
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