Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

One Meme Over the Line

From weirdsister and catalana:

Instructions: Take this list of authors, remove those whose efforts do not grace your shelves, and bring the list up to ten by adding some more that do. New paragraph indicates newly-added authors.

Terry Pratchett
Connie Willis
Orson Scott Card
Neil Gaiman

James Thurber
Donald Westlake
James Schmitz
Olaf Stapledon
Bill James
Peter Stone & Sherman Edwards

(This was done in the upstairs library. There might have been more survivors if I searched the house diligently. :) Also the last entry is from the book for the musical "1776" and I couldn't properly split them up under the circumstances, now, could I?)

Removed: William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Charles de Lint, Tom Robbins, Robert Anton Wilson, Ayn Rand.
Tags: meme
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