Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Turning Points

Julie suffers from separation anxiety. This has made starting preschool two mornings a week exceptionally entertaining. She doesn't want to get dressed, she doesn't want to get into the van, and especially she doesn't want Daddy to take her away from Mommy and drop her off at school. This has additionally manifested itself in many complaints about her clothes "hurting" -- no matter how loose they are -- and being removed. I suspect that this is because she has heard "You have to be dressed to leave the house!" often enough to use the inverse cause for the inverse effect.

Today, however, Julie woke up, happily picked out clothes to wear, got dressed, and ran ahead of me into the building when we got to school.

Later, there was a session for parents where they were explaining the curriculum and Julie's teacher told me she was doing really well.

This was Day 6.

And there was, finally, peace. :)
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