Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Time's Basic Mission

Remember, time is supposed to prevent everything from happening at once. However, time is currently collapsing.

Wednesday: Go to Cubs/Reds game with samwinolj.
Thursday: Potluck for Katie's kindergarten.
Friday: WindyCon meeting where the room setups are due. Needless to say, this ran rather late. Also, daisy_knotwise's massage that had to be canceled when Julie refused to wear clothes. *sigh*
Saturday: Capricon meeting. And then a SpaceTime Theater meeting.
Sunday: Cubs/Cards game with Bonnie, Holly, and Kirstie.

Oh, and that ignores work where I spent most of Thursday and Friday sorting out a reference counting problem where none of the client-side code was releasing documents properly, largely because I didn't realize they were calling a particular interface. I do now.

A whole bunch of work now needs to be done next week so that I can then do a whole bunch more work.

Tags: baseball, capricon, cardinals, cubs, home, kids, musings, windycon, work

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