Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

CSI: Friends of Ol' Frasier

We are now one episode into the second season of the CSI experiment where Ted Danson has been brought in to replace Laurence Fishburne who was brought in to replace William Petersen. I consider this experiment to be a success.

Danson's character, D.B. Russell, is quirky, but in different ways than Petersen's character, Gil Grissom, was. Watching the other characters adjust to his presence has been entertaining. He fits the show much better than Fishburne's usually brooding Ray Langston character. The situations on CSI are quite grim enough -- in most cases -- without having to put an angst-ridden type in the middle of the mix. Also, Langston was supposedly the star, but he was the most junior CSI in the mix, which never was a good combination in my opinion.

We're gradually being introduced to Russell and his family. It was, thus, with great amusement that I saw that Russell's wife was played by Peri Gilpin, formerly Roz on Frasier.

Proving, I suppose, that Ted Danson's character was smarter than Kelsey Grammer's character...
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