Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Magic Number: Zero (Redux)

Well, that was an interesting baseball game.

The Cardinals beat the Braves, 6-3, in an game where people will be talking about the infield fly rule for a very long time. It was the very first wild card single-elimination playoff game and it was definitely weird out.

I must admit that I was starting to wonder about when there was going to be an announcement on the P.A. system that if the Atlanta fans didn't stop throwing stuff on the field, the umpires were going to have to seriously consider whether or not the game should be forfeited. But there wasn't and eventually they stopped.

At least until after the game.

And now the Cardinals get to play the Nationals in a best-of-five where the Cards get the first two games at home.

That should be interesting.

I hope. :)
Tags: baseball, cardinals, home, musings

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