Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

I Don't Believe What I Just Saw

In an effort to placate little girls, I wasn't exactly watching the Cardinals / Nationals game early tonight. I was watching Girl vs. Monster on the Disney Channel. But when a commercial would come up, I would flip over to TBS to check the Cardinals score.

So the first time I flipped over, Wainwright gave up a 2-run homer to put the Nats up 3-0.

The next time I checked, it was 6-0. This looked painful.

daisy_knotwise had announced that the eleven Oberweis bottles were going back to the store tonight, so we piled in the van and went out for ice cream. And then we came home and I went upstairs and turned on the baseball game while Katie and Julie took a bath.

Oh, look. It's 6-4.

And then Daniel Descalso hit a homer in the top of the eighth and it was suddenly 6-5. Hey! A ballgame had broken out.

The Cardinals closer, Jason Motte, came in to pitch the bottom of the eighth and was less than impressive, giving up two singles to start the inning and eventually another run to make it 7-5. This looked really bad, because the Cards were still having trouble scoring and the Nats pitchers were getting a lot of pitches that PitchTrax thought were a ball outside being called strikes. (Although they were losing a few pitches at the bottom of the zone now and again.)

And then the Cards got baserunners. And then they got a two-out single from Daniel Descalso to tie the game. And then they got another two-out single from Pete Kozma (who was only playing because Furcal was out for the season) and the two-run deficit was suddenly a two-run lead. (And Gretchen told me to go watch the game downstairs, because the girls were going to bed. Period.)

And Motte, who had been all too vulnerable in the eighth inning, retired the side in order in the ninth.

And the Cardinals are going to the NLCS against the Giants.

I'm amazed.
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