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Halloween Costumes

It's been a while since I posted pictures of Katie and Julie. And since daisy_knotwise threatened mayhem if I didn't manage to post pictures of the Halloween costumes that she'd worked so hard to put together... :)

Posting pictures from the Scrapbook used to drag the descriptions along. Not any more, I see. So here's Katie all dressed up for the day before Halloween, when kids came to school in costume. The bumblebee costume was -- with the exception of the antennae, which is how the thing got started -- thrown together by Gretchen in quick time from extant clothing, adding the overgarment that needed to be put together.

Katie Bumblebee

Now the bumblebee was a late entry in our costume competition, because Katie had been planning for some time to go out as Izzy from Jake and the Never-land Pirates. So Gretchen finished up this costume too, which was required a good bit of sewing to get together. The leggings came out of a drawer -- the rest was de novo.

Katie Izzy

Finally, we get to Daddy's little princess, Julie. This dress came from the store -- with a shirt added underneath to keep her from freezing. It is very pink. She also managed to end up with another very blue dress for Halloween which she didn't wear for the occasion. On the other hand, the blue dress will also fit Katie, so there will be opportunities for dual-princess dress-up games in our near future.

Julie Princess
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