Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Why, It's Baseball Season!

Playing APBA baseball with cards and dice means that you can play in almost any weather, although you don't get nearly the amount of exercise that you do at the real game. Given that it was 30 degrees and snowy here today, APBA looked pretty good, exercise or no.

I played six consecutive one-run games and went 2-1 in each 3 game series, scoring a total of 14 runs, 7 runs in the last four games.

It was the land that offense forgot. The final game was 1-0, with Clemens and Gagne combining on the shutout. (And this wasn't Cy Young winner Clemens from 2004; this was his mediocre final season with the Yankees.)
Tags: apba, baseball, musings

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