Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Paranoia Shopping

Our current refrigerator is a bit over 16 years old. To some extent, this puts it in the category of accident waiting to happen. Not that there's anything wrong with the refrigerator -- it just means that I want to shop for a new one so I know what to do should the refrigerator break.

The problem is that this is one of the last "nice" side-by-side refrigerators that you could buy without an ice and water dispenser in the door. (It's a GE Profile model.) The fridge has to be a side-by-side, because otherwise the doors are blocked by the island. daisy_knotwise does not really want an ice and water dispenser, but the marketplace is saying something else. And the space isn't yet plumbed for water, but adding one coming up from the basement shouldn't be too difficult. (H.H. Gregg said they could do it for $100, which seems entirely reasonable.)

But there's that ice and water dispenser problem. An ice and water dispenser takes up almost all of the space in the top of the freezer, which is really annoying when what you really wanted was, well, a freezer. Grumble.

However, there appear to be two companies that are making refrigerators where the ice maker is in the door instead of the freezer compartment proper: Whirlpool (in their Gold line) and Samsung (some models). And I've been looking at the roughly 26 cubic foot refrigerators and saying to myself, "This looks small compared to the existing fridge."

Apparently, it is. There's a roughly 30 cubic foot Samsung. I haven't measured, but I bet it's the same size as our current (huge) fridge. Cool. (Or at least, one would hope...)

And it's on sale!

Oops. Well, not exactly. The stainless steel model that we do not want, because all of our appliances are white, is on sale. The white model is $300 more.


Fortunately, our refrigerator is still working.

Tick, tick, tick...
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