Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

French Comedy

No, not Jerry Lewis. That's comedy that the French like. (Sorry, Charlie.)

Instead, daisy_knotwise and I went to Chicago's City Lit Theater this afternoon along with Jerry, Sam, and Bonnie to see their adaptation of two one-act plays by Moliere, "The Doctor In Spite of Himself" and "The Pretentious Young Ladies". The tickets were a Christmas gift from Sam and Bonnie which worked out quite nicely.

The first bit was, I think, stronger than the second, propelled by the lead actor whose performance reminded me of Jackie Gleason. The second bit was still funny, costumed in 21st century funky and really, really frightening at times.

Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at Gulliver's and headed home. If we're really lucky, we'll start addressing Christmas cards tonight.
Tags: musings, review, theater

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