Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Boxing Day

I ordered 20 custom boxes from Box Jedi, because it's been impossible to find new boxes to haul our CDs to conventions in. The large boxes that we're currently using pre-date the Millenium Philcon and look it.

It ended up costing me around five dollars / box including shipping, which was a painfully large amount, but which should -- in theory! -- solve the problem for a long time. Assuming that the boxes actually fit. I was impressed when the company called to give me the tracking number for the shipment since their e-mail was misbehaving and they couldn't send it that way. And the boxes arrived on a timely basis.

Then they sat for a few days, because that's what it's like around here. But today, I popped them out of the shipping box and started folding.

And everything fits correctly. Of course, the boxes are so new that it will take a while for the top flaps to stay down of their own accord. :)
Tags: dodeka, home, musings

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