Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

On the Levels

And so off I went to the studio to play around with the remix of The Grim Roper.

The problem that I discovered was that the recent transfer directly from the original 8-track master tapes was flawed. I could try to find someone to do the transfer again, or I could go back to an old transfer that I did to 16-bit ADAT on another machine. And that's what I did the last time that I got into the studio to work on this project, transferring the old 16-bit ADATs to Cubase for further work.

In the interim, I'd picked up the Cubase 7.0 upgrade and loaded it. This has a number of nice new features, mostly in the display of the mixing console so far. :)

The problem I was having with mixing this was that the levels on the original tracks were annoyingly low. Ok, I can adjust the volume envelope in Cubase. And the ADATs have a pretty low noise floor, so despite having pulled the levels way up, things still sounded good on the first track that I was working with.

Except that one of the tracks was not getting sent through to the d8b. Huh?

For some reason, the Audio 03 track wasn't mapped to Mono Out 3. So I fixed that and started getting all of the sound I was entitled to.

I spent some time playing around with the mix on the d8b, then pulled up Wavelab to record the result. So far, so good.

Of course, the original ADAT transfer had been at 48 KHz, so I still needed to convert it to 44.1 KHz. I wanted to use the Crystal Resampler in Wavelab, but I was having trouble figuring out where I'd left the procedure for doing this.

And when I went poking around the Internet, I discovered that I was still on 7.0 when 7.2 had been made available as a free release. So I downloaded and installed that.

Then I reset the windows to the factory configuration, which made it easier to find the batch processing section, which is what I'd used before to plug in the Crystal Resampler.

And I did. And now I have one track mixed.

The next track should be easier.
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