Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Meanwhile, Back In the Studio

I slept very late this morning, got some lunch, and finally headed down to the studio to resume mixing around 2 PM. I was able to mix down "Children of Tomorrow" in fairly short order.

But the next song on the alphabetical list was "Dark Moon Rising". This was going to be a challenge.

Amy had been good enough to lay down a fiddle track for this song when she was visiting several months ago. But because I had not realized that the more recent transfer was unacceptable, that was the one she laid the track down opposite.

Well, maybe I could make it work. The new transfer was at 44.1 KHz, while the old one I'm now working with is at 48 KHz, so the first thing to do was to convert the sample rate for the track. I popped it into Wavelab and took care of that.

Then I imported the track into Cubase and started trying to line it up.

And I discovered what I was afraid of. The new transfer was at the wrong speed, so the track that Amy had recorded could not be synced up with the old transfer, nor was it quite in the right key. I played around with pitch shifting and time stretching for a while before finally giving it up as a bad bet.

So that trick is not going to work.

On to the next song, "Dream Ship". The old guitar tracks from when I was strumming the guitar are missing some top end, because I was playing without a pick. It turns out that the VST Amp Rack can put enough of that top end back to make me happy. (It can do a lot of other things, but fuzz guitar would be a mistake here. I auditioned a great many presets. :) )

And so I got that song mixed too.

That was enough for today.
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