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There are places in the house that never get cleaned up in the general confusion around prep for Cleaning Lady Day. One of them is the top of the stereo cabinet in the family room. It has a lovely glass and metal sculpture on top which has been eclipsed for years by a pile of DVDs of varying size.

Today, daisy_knotwise and I cleaned it off. I then grabbed the Windex and removed a metric ton of dust from the sculpture.

This is not a major accomplishment, but it sure does look pretty. :)

Among the other things that I found were four poorly labeled VHS video tapes. Two of them were completely disposable (and have been disposed of): a recording of the pre-game show for the first episode of the second season of Heroes and a tape we used to record Frasier for later viewing.

One of the other tapes turned out to be Christmas 1994 at Jeff and Carol's house.

The other was a SpaceTime Theater show: The Case of Fantasy vs. Science Fiction, which we performed at ConClave some years before Katie and Julie were born.

It is amazing how much better everything looks recorded in HD nowadays. Of course, HD adds at least ten pounds...
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