Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Getting the Needle(s)

This year's flu is predicted to be pretty bad. I'd been putting off getting my flu shot, but I checked with my insurance company today, found I could just go to Walgreen's and get the shot, and persuaded daisy_knotwise to join me when we went to pick up Katie from school. We are now suitably vaccinated. Our little vectors got their vaccine up the nose back in November, but since I'm off to Confusion next weekend, I figured why take a chance on bringing something home.

In other needle news, the postponed-by-the-field-recording-project dismantling of our Christmas tree was completed in record time tonight. The bumper crop of needles has been swept up off the floor, the ornaments and lights are (mostly) back on their shelves in the basement, and the tree has gone to the curb for recycling.
Tags: christmas, health, home, kids, musings

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