Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Car I Won't Be Buying

First, Katie insisted on bringing daisy_knotwise breakfast in bed, consisting of toast, cereal, and iced tea. It was really very charming.

However, it was shortly thereafter time to head out to lunch. And Katie emoted greatly about how she did not want to get dressed and go out to lunch. Eventually, she got dressed and we told her to get her coat and put it on, because it had turned cold again since Friday.

Except the zipper on her coat was stuck. And after half an hour of both Gretchen and I messing with it, it became apparent that we weren't moving that zipper. So Katie put on another coat and we went to lunch, which actually went much better than I'd anticipated when the folks at the counter agreed that they would give Katie some whipped cream for her pancakes. :)

Gretchen wanted to pick up some buttons for the shirt that she is making for Steve S. This meant heading out to a Jo-Ann Fabrics, so I suggested going to the one near Golf Mill Ford so that I could show Gretchen what the C-Max actually looks like at a closed dealership where no one would be chasing us down to try to sell us a car. She thought that was reasonable, but we had to revise the itinerary to swing by Sam's Club to buy a replacement winter coat for Katie, because there was no chance that Gretchen would succeed in replacing the zipper in the failed coat today or possibly ever.

I strode back with my attached family to the pile of children's coats. On top was a coat with a removable zippered liner -- that turned out to be a second coat -- in purple with attractive snow patterns printed on it and in Katie's size. It must have been my day.

A few minor clothing selections later, we headed for the checkout and back to the van, where Julie agitated to change into her new clothes. We stalled her until we had a chance to run by the house to drop off the grapes that we'd bought; then piled back in the van and to the dealership.

By now, it was cold with snow flurries. Katie and Julie fled back to the van at an early opportunity, but Gretchen got a chance to see the general form factor of the car that I do not need to be -- and almost certainly won't -- be buying right now. I even got to see one of the plug-in models, which looks the same, save for the port on the left front fender.

Finally, we got the buttons and headed home.

In any case, the trip settled one thing. I won't be buying a car from that dealership, because every single one of the cars that we looked at was saddled with a window sticker announcing an extra almost $1400 charge for unwanted paint protection, undercoating, fabric protection, and the like.

I don't think so, thanks.
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