Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Better Than Death

I'm starting to work on the various taxes that I need to file for 2012. The first step in this is accumulating data.

I've been promised closing inventory figures for ISFiC Press soon. That will help there and also make it possible for me to send out royalty checks.

I've pulled copies of my personal credit card statements off the websites. Normally, this is relatively simple, but apparently my main Discover card was reissued twice last year due to security breaches, so the first month and a half of transactions weren't in the year-end summary and had to be pulled separately from the statements.

I've now finished the data entry for everything from the credit card statements. Next -- soon, but that's enough for now -- is to pull copies of all of the ISFiC Press and Dodeka bank statements and images of all the checks so that I can figure that out.

In the meantime, it turns out that ISFiC owes me about $2500 for the annual storage charges for the locker that bills to my credit card, while Dodeka owes me about $7000 for the charges that I rang up for them this year.

Normally, this would make me feel moderately flush.

However, the property tax bill arrived last week...
Tags: dodeka, home, isfic, isfic press, musings, taxes, windycon

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