Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

And Then The Oobleck Showed Up

Last night, we went to the wake for Carol's mother, Delores. Katie and Julie had not been to a wake before, so it somehow wasn't a great surprise when they both crawled into bed with us at an obscene hour of the morning. Under the circumstances, I didn't have the heart to try to send them back to their own beds, but it made for less sleep than I should have gotten, so the day got off to a fine start.

daisy_knotwise headed for the funeral this morning in my car, while I dropped the girls off at school with the van full of Dodeka stuff. I then headed north to the Capricon hotel where I arrived before the Dealers' Room was supposed to open and met April, one of the folks running the room, as she was walking in.

We went in, took a look at how the hotel had set the tables, and started rearranging things. By the time we were done, the layout was much more satisfactory and there was decent access to all of our tables, which I thought was a good thing. Unloading was problematic, because we finally got permission to open the rear loading dock which was almost immediately revoked due to the cold and a meeting going on in a nearby room. However, I had pulled our van into a position near the door and -- with help from Alan! -- managed to get my stuff in before they closed the door again. I then headed home to pick up Julie from pre-K, arriving with about fifteen minutes to spare.

Unfortunately, work spent the day in full blown confusion, so I didn't manage to get back up to the Capricon hotel until after 7 PM. When I got there, I ran into a couple of members of the ISFiC board and we spent some time going over a couple of minor issues. Then I finally got to work pulling CDs out of boxes.

By the time the room closed at 9 PM, all of the CDs were on the table. Not anything like organized, but another hour of work should take care of it.

All of this was made more complicated by the crud falling from the sky.

In the morning, it had been freezing rain and sleet that made the alley behind the hotel extremely slippery. We're a bit further south, so we were getting mostly rain until the afternoon when it changed to snow. As I headed back north, the streets were covered with packed snow and ice and driving conditions were treacherous at best. They weren't much better on the way home, although more salt had been applied.

I can do without this sort of stuff on the road. I really can.

With luck, the streets will be better tomorrow.
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