Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Electric Skies

I've been suffering from a bit of writer's block lately. daisy_knotwise blames work. And there's also Windycon, ISFiC, ISFiC Press, Capricon...

And little girls, but we count them on the list of good things. :)

This song has nothing to do with any of those.

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2013

Electric Skies

I know I must be dreaming
That I’m lying safe in bed,
But I hear a distant screaming
That’s an echo in my head.
The voice is so familiar
As I strain to recognize
And I know this storm’s a killer
As the wind begins to rise.

I thought I heard you calling
And I thought I heard your voice.
It said that you were falling
And you didn’t have a choice.
Underneath electric skies,
I’m listening to hear your cries
And the wind is shrieking, telling lies,
And it’s a long, long way until the morning,
And it’s a long, long time until the day.

I know what I am hearing,
That you’re lost and can’t be found
And your voice is disappearing
As I’m trapped here on the ground.
Somewhere you are falling free,
A prisoner of the sky.
Somewhere you are calling me
And I need to learn to fly.

I stand upon the precipice
And I’ve got to take the dive.
I’ve got to fly, ‘cause if I miss,
We won’t leave here alive.
In the lightning and the thunder,
I am left to look within
With one last chance to wonder
If I have a chance to win.

For a moment, I am falling,
But I’m learning how to steer.
Far off, your voice is calling
And it’s all that I can hear.
I see you and I catch you
And I hold you in my arms.
The wind still tries to snatch you,
But tonight you’re safe from harm.

And I do not question why we’re here
In the middle of the night,
Or why my arms should draw you near,
Or why I dream of flight.
And as the rain is streaming
In my eyes to make me blind,
I wonder what you’re dreaming
On the far side of your mind.

(Chorus twice)
And it’s a long, long way until the morning,
And it’s a long, long time until the day.
Tags: filk, home, lyrics, musings

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