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17th-Mar-2013 10:26 pm
daisy_knotwise and I finally succeeded in finding a babysitter for Katie and Julie, so -- after a whirlwind session of housecleaning to make the place presentable -- we headed off to a matinee of Oz, The Great and Powerful. We enjoyed it quite a bit. Gretchen observed that things were sometimes a bit predictable, or perhaps just well foreshadowed, but I responded that part of the problem with a prequel is that you know where the pieces need to end up in place at the end of the film in order to set up the previously known piece of the story. In any case, it was pretty and fun, but way too scary for little girls. :)

After I got home, we continued the laundry orgy. In between loads, I pulled out the new guitar to give it a workout. This resulted in Katie and Julie with their guitars joining me and wanting to know how to play. Some introduction to the concept of fingers on strings and frets followed and an occasional non-open note was heard, but this is a process that will require some more work...
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