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Draft Day

Today was Draft Day for our APBA baseball league. daisy_knotwise agreed to drop me off and pick me up, given that I had taken another heavy dose of Benadryl this morning for the sulfite allergy attack that started on Thursday. As I was checking my LJ, I saw that qnofhrt who is a pharmacy tech had mentioned that I should have called my doctor to see about getting prednisone.

That seemed like a good idea, so I gave him a call and told him that I'd fallen into the sulfite pit and couldn't get up, but had been dosing heavily with Benadryl since Thursday. He said that was normally a good choice until he asked for symptoms, which included swelling, itching, and hives. That was enough to get the prednisone bomb dropped on the allergy attack.

I am not yet in perfect shape, but I am one heckuva lot better off. :) I do have to keep a close eye on my blood sugar and what I eat, because the prednisone is not good for sugar control. Of course, neither is itching and lack of sleep...

Anyway, so off I went to the draft for our eight-man league. I was drafting fifth, having squeaked into the playoffs, which meant that I was in a reasonable position to snag some talent, especially given that there were two quality starting pitchers available in the draft -- we have a cap on the quality starting, as otherwise there would be no lower quality starters in the league and no one would ever get a hit. :)

In the first round, I picked off young stud outfielder Bryce Harper. I have a number of good outfielders, but none of them have yet been consistently strong -- although I keep hoping! -- so snagging Harper was a good move.

I figured that the top quality relievers with control would make it back around to round two and it turned out that I was correct, so I picked up KC pitcher Kelvin Herrera to anchor my bullpen, as I didn't have a quality reliever with control returning.

I had David Freese to cover third base for me, but I needed a backup. Normally, I could have filled in with Evan Longoria, but in a bit of odd carding, he didn't get a "regular" card from APBA this year due to injuries, so I wasn't allowed to play him, although I could keep him with the expectation that he'd improve. (Which I did.) We changed the rules for next year so that this problem would go away and we'll be able to use players like Longoria, since APBA has actually expanded the standard team roster from 20 to 30 players. But I still needed a backup for this year and I was able to pick up young Manny Machado from Baltimore, who I think will look pretty good in the future, whether at third base or at shortstop, should the O's move J.J. Hardy (who is, by coincidence, also on my roster).

My plan for the rest of the draft was to draft pitching, pitching, and more pitching to fill in the holes on the staff and grab pitching prospects for future use. In the fourth round, I picked up San Diego reliever Luke Gregerson, a promising young fellow who had been on my team two years ago, but who had fallen off because he had an off year and I didn't have the space to keep him.

In the fifth round, I dumped Ubaldo Jiminez and picked up Cardinals starter Jaime Garcia. Jaime's promising if his shoulder holds up after rehab and the early reports from spring training look good, so it was a reasonable flyer.

In the sixth round, I gritted my teeth and picked up James Russell from the Cubs as a second-class quality reliever with control, as there weren't many of those left around and I was fairly sure they wouldn't last much longer. (And they didn't -- that started the relief run on the B*Z pitchers.)

I filled out the pen in the seventh round, dropping the aging, but still useful, Darrin Oliver and replacing him with the much younger and more useful Vincent Pestano from Cleveland. Reports are that he throws the ball hard, at least. :)

And that was it for my draft.

Because jdonat couldn't make it to the draft, Guth and I drafted his team for him, so that kept me busy for a good many rounds, filling in the gaps on a team that looks very promising.

I expect to be a middle-of-the-pack team this year, so it was a good time to try to pick up some youth instead of a crusty old veteran with a fluke card that might put me over the top.

We'll see how it goes.
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