Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

And Then the Strep Returned

This was actually the development from Monday, but it's an ongoing story, so...

Julie's throat had been nastily sore on Sunday, so when it wasn't improved on Monday, I suggested taking her to the Walgreen's clinic. daisy_knotwise took her there, another rapid strep test was given, and it was positive. Thus were antibiotics prescribed.

Getting the antibiotics taken was another matter altogether. Apparently, chocolate flavored amoxicillin is still pretty revolting. Gretchen has taken the brunt of the "get this into Julie" duty and is somewhat the worse for wear.

On the other hand, Julie is now well enough (and no longer contagious enough) that she can return to preschool tomorrow.
Tags: health, home, kids, musings

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