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It's about 9 degrees outside (and that's Fahrenheit, which makes it a pretty cold number -- Kelvin, of course, would be right out). daisy_knotwise and I have finally finished wrapping all of the Christmas presents, we've been to the stores to grab the final supplies for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and now we're cleaning up the place so it'll be fit for guest habitation tomorrow.

Gretchen's brother, Jeff, and his wife, Carol, will be joining us for Christmas dinner, along with our friends, Sam and Bonnie, and Bonnie's sister, Holly, and Holly's roommate, Kirstie.

Fortunately, pecan pie divides nicely into eight pieces. And I keep assuring Sam, who recently embarked on the Atkins diet, that the sheer number of pecans that we put into our pie will push out all of the carbs. He seems skeptical, though.

If Christmas is your thing, I wish you a Merry Christmas. And if not, have a good time anyway.
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