Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Kindergarten Registration

Today, it was time to take Julie over to the kindergarten registration assembly. Katie came along with to show Julie the ropes.

Things went pretty well until everyone was leaving. Then Julie decided that she wanted to run around the gym and not leave. Gentle persuasion did not work. Threats did not work.

Picking her up and carrying her toward the card worked. Momentarily. Until she promised she would walk if I put her down.

So I did. And she shuffled at a rate of approximately zero.

So she got picked up again. And put down again after another promise.

And picked up again. And carried unceremoniously to the car.

Now part of the problem was that she wanted ice cream and I was explaining to her that she was not getting ice cream right now -- we were going to go pick up Mommy and go out for dinner. So since ice cream was the problem, I let her know as I was buckling her into her car seat that she is off dessert for a week.

This could be an ugly week...

On the other hand, she was greatly apologetic later.

Next: we continue to work on getting her to brush her teeth. *sigh*
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