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Oh, my. Harold Stein has been going through old tapes from Conterpoint 1993 and found something that I had completely forgotten that daisy_knotwise and I had ever written. Gretchen remembered it pretty quickly once the music started playing though.

And so here it is, from 1993, based on a true story (sadly):

Lyrics: Bill and Gretchen Roper
TTTO: “Bamboo” by Dave Van Ronk
New lyrics copyright 1993


So you want to take a shower,
A hot and steamy shower,
So you get into the bathtub and you turn on all the faucets.
Go, flow, water.
You stand under the water,
The hot and steamy water,
Until the flow is stolen by one closer to the heater.
Oh, no! No hot water.
Dribble, she come down.
Dribble, she come down.

You stand under the water,
A trickle of cold water,
And your hair is full of shampoo and you know you have to rinse it.
Oh, cold water!
So you fiddle with the faucets
And the water is like ice now,
But you have to rinse the shampoo so you must stand there and take it.
Oh, cold water!
Goose bumps, they come up.
Goose bumps, they come up.

So you give up on the shower
And you sit down on the toilet.
Relax upon the toilet and when you’re done you flush it.
Uh oh! Slow water!
The tank begins to empty
And the water starts to spinning,
But there’s blockage in the sewer and the toilet’s overflowing.
Go, flow, water.
River, she run down.
River, she run down.

So you clean up all the water
And you use up all the towels
And you get yourself all soggy so you have to take a shower.
Oh, no! Still cold water!
Dribble, she come down.
Dribble, she come down.

Update: Edited to reflect a note back from Dr. Jim noting that the tune wasn't his, although you're all probably pretty familiar with "Drivel". :)
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