Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Roller Skating and the Hardware Shuffle

We took Katie and Julie down to the Lombard Roller Rink for some skating lessons as jrittenhouse had suggested. After the lessons were over, I left daisy_knotwise there for the open skating with the girls while I ran down to Micro Center to pick up a USB SATA enclosure for a laptop drive for work and anything else that I thought that we needed.

Actually, there were some pre-existing assignments to take care of. I wanted to pick up a new mouse to replace the trackball on one of the computers here at home so Julie would get more practice with a mouse ahead of starting kindergarten. I grabbed a decent Microsoft mouse and stuck it on Gretchen's machine when I got home, since she may as well have the better mouse. :)

Gretchen had also complained about Internet connection problems with the old Wireless G USB adapter that I had plugged into her computer. (Part of the problem was just that it took a very long time to boot itself up and connect.) I found a Wireless N adapter and used that as an excuse to pick up a cheap Wireless N WAP to replace my aged Linksys unit. Once I got home, I got the WAP configured without too much trouble and tested it with my tablet successfully.

Then it was off to the bedroom to swap out mice, reconnect the newer computer to the WAP (no problem), then install the new USB adapter on the older machine and get it configured to point at the new WAP. This last took a bit longer than I thought, but it seems to be popping up and connecting successfully, even after rebooting the machine.

And it seems to be fast enough to handle video nicely.

Maybe we'll try to Skype to Uncle Jeff and Aunt Carol tonight. :)
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