Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

A Reasonably Successful Mother's Day

Katie woke up this morning and insisted on fixing breakfast in bed for daisy_knotwise. I managed to scope this down to toast and jelly and strong tea, because we were planning to run out to breakfast / lunch shortly thereafter. Cards and gifts were presented and declared to be good.

After lunch, we ended up cleaning out the van, because Katie and Julie want to take turns sitting in the rear seat. As we were dealing with this, we discovered that the rear seats will not actually lift out of their storage under any normal use of force, because the carpet underneath them is shifting and trapping them in. I eventually got one of them up, but this is going to necessitate a trip to the dealership soon.

Gretchen left me with Katie and Julie while she made a trip to the cemetery to visit grave sites. Later, we spent some time watching TV with the girls before heading off to the dinner buffet at Sweet Baby Ray's, which was quite good. And I ate way too much.

Later, I played some songs for Gretchen in and around a meltdown from Julie that resulted in a crying time out in her room.

Then more TV was watched, Katie had a bath, and now Gretchen is reading her a story before I read her a story.

Julie is out like a light.

Overall, pretty good. :)
Tags: gretchen, home, kids, musings

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