Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Friday! Friday! Friday!

It's an unusual weekend here, as right after lunch daisy_knotwise headed down to Muncie, Indiana or thereabouts for the Women's Drumming Workshop there this weekend leaving me alone with the girls for a weekend for only the second time.

Because I am a slow learner, I took them out to Red Robin at Woodfield Mall for dinner and then on to the play area in the center court. This actually went moderately well until we were on the way out. Several unscheduled escalator rides occurred, followed by Katie disappearing from view on the way out, and Julie close behind. This was particularly annoying, because Katie had complained of being thirsty, so I'd planned to take her by the water fountain on the way, but she knew better than I did and went in the wrong direction. *sigh* So we went home and she got her drink later.

In other kidlet news, on Julie's birthday a few weeks ago, the girls discovered that there were little girls right around their age living just outside the back gate of our yard. (Ok, in a house just outside the back gate.) There has been much little girl rejoicing and a lot of meandering in and out the gate -- but only with permission.

Amazingly, given the behavior at the mall, that particular instruction seems to have stuck. :)
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