Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Radio Ranger

Having decided to keep my current car a while longer, because it's running just fine (and I hope mentioning it doesn't jinx that :) ), I started thinking about reasons why I actually would want a new car. My car is, after all, comfortable. And it hauls a lot of people and things. The gas mileage is nothing to write home about, but it isn't execrable. And even with current gas prices, keeping the current car is a lot cheaper than another car payment.

But I have been intensely jealous of daisy_knotwise's new van. Part of that, I suppose, is that we've ponied up for the satellite radio, but, honestly, I don't have that desperate an urge to pay for more satellite radio service. And it has Bluetooth and will pair up with my phone so I can make hands-free calls, which is really handy (no pun intended), especially since there's some danger that Illinois might ban hand-held cell calls in cars shortly.

So what I have here is basically radio envy. And I can fix that.

So I've ordered this from Crutchfield. It has Bluetooth phone support and will pick up the local HD channels, which should be entertaining as a change up from the stations that I'm normally listening to. And it has front USB and AUX ports for my iPod Touch.

All I have to do is get it installed...
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