Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Replacing the Remote

I have a nice Samsung DLP TV set down in the family room. It's got an LED light engine, a good picture, and a remote that little children have been reducing to rubble. The battery compartment door is held on with duct tape, while the buttons have been gummed up with coffee yogurt, despite my best efforts to clean it away. And of course, there is no model number on the remote.

However, there is a model number on the TV. And after a lot of searching on Google, I believe I have finally found an original equipment matching remote (as opposed to the DirecTV remote that one seller was pushing as a remote for the set -- I have one of those and it almost does some of what I need correctly, but mostly it controls volume) that should be coming to my door for less than $27 shipped.

So I'll keep my fingers crossed. :)
Tags: home, musings, tech, tv

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