Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Baby Wipes: Is There Anything They Won't Do?

(With apologies for the title to Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit...)

With two little girls, 6 and 5 years old respectively, we had plenty of time to become acquainted with baby wipes. And you'd think that with both girls safely out of diapers, we'd be done with them now.

Not so much.

daisy_knotwise still carries a Ziploc bag of wipes in her purse, because they come in handy for dealing with spills at meals when we're out. And given the way that they blot up mustard and ketchup from a shirt so that you don't leave a stain, that's a pretty useful thing.

We've been working on a Father's Day housecleaning effort this afternoon before we head off to the swimming pool. One of the things I discovered in the living room was the remnants of a chocolate milk spill on the arm of the couch there. Well, let's take a wipe to it.

I did, and the dried chocolate milk came off the arm of the couch. Then I attacked a rather older yogurt stain. It came up too.

(Ok, this makes us sound like the world's worst housekeepers, which is not actually true. The problem is that little girls have spilled a lot of things on the poor couch, to the point where Gretchen usually keeps it hidden under a throw cover, so minor spills can go undetected if we're not watching closely. But the throw went down to the laundry today, so all things were revealed to the fellow with the big bag of wipes.)

The big black blotch of something on the back of the couch came off. The very old stain on the cushion that has stubbornly resisted repeated efforts at cleaning with the Big Green Machine is still there, but reduced, so I have hopes for eliminating it with some more elbow grease.

The couch is now clean enough that the throw cover can be folded up and put away for the summer.

And that's a good thing. :)
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