Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Ticket to Ride

After playing "Ticket to Ride" at Inconjunction with daisy_knotwise and harperjen, we decided to buy a copy for home.

Now the problem is that you have to be able to read the destination cards in order to play the game, which makes playing with the girls a bit problematic. But the game arrived today and Katie and Julie wanted to play it, so we took a run at it, with me helping Katie and Gretchen helping Julie. And it mostly worked out.

Late in the game, Katie proceeded to draw some of the best destination cards imaginable. (Oh, look. Two cards with high point values, each of which connect to her existing network with a three-train gray -- use any set of three matching cards -- build. Whee!) In the final tallies, she picked up 91 destination points and beat my total with my four sad little destinations by some fifty points. Gretchen was slightly behind me with Julie trailing, although Gretchen did -- to her surprise! -- get the bonus for longest contiguous track, edging me out with her last build. Me? I owned four of the connections into Denver, as my initial destinations were L.A. to Chicago, L.A. to Helena, and L.A. to Seattle. L.A. was my friend and would have been an even better friend had I later drawn L.A. to N.Y. (which Katie got) instead of N.Y. to Dallas, which was darn near unreachable by that point. (I managed to get there though, which messed up Gretchen's attempt to get through Denver.)

Anyway, it's a fun little game and I'm sure we'll play it again.
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