Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Ex Facto Post

I had intended to post to LiveJournal earlier this evening, but when we got home from Woodfield Mall, we found that the power was out. Oops.

Fortunately, the garage door has a battery backup, so we were able to pop it open and get in. It was a very localized outage, apparently just over 300 ComEd customers, so there was plenty of sky light for background. I found several of the jar candles and lit them, then used one of them to go in the basement, recover the good flashlight, and call in the outage.

daisy_knotwise had been in a separate car and had gone by Dairy Queen on the way home, so I called her from the land line to let her know the power was out and not to close the garage door, as I didn't want to keep relying on the battery. After we all finished shakes and malts, I ran out to Jewel to pick up some cheap flashlights for Katie and Julie. They eventually fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

Since our CPAPs wouldn't be working without power, Gretchen and I decided to wait it out by playing Ticket to Ride. Gretchen won the first game as we passed the flashlight back and forth and -- since the power was still out -- we decided to play a second. As we finished reading our initial hands, the power came back on.

We decided to play the second game anyway, which I won.

And now, we are going to bed. :) (Real time: 1:39 AM -- just a bit later than my delayed post...)
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