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Bill Roper's Journal
Small Disaster Averted 
26th-Jul-2013 12:06 am
So Katie wanted to go upstairs and snuggle with daisy_knotwise in a change from our usual routine, which usually pairs off Katie with me and Julie with Gretchen. This was fine with Gretchen who left Julie and me downstairs to watch Caillou. I started the recording from the DVR and told Julie that I'd be back as soon as I got done taking out the recycling, since it's garbage day tomorrow. It didn't take long to remove the downstairs recycling to the cart and I came back and told Julie to come join me in the recliner chair.

"Where's Buni?" Julie cried. "I need to find Buni."

Buni is Julie's well-worn baby blanket that she sleeps with every night. Well, he has to be here somewhere.

Julie and I looked everywhere downstairs with no luck. I called up to ask Gretchen to look upstairs, but she came up empty too. I looked in the car and failed, although I did collect more recycling for the cart.

I figured there was always the chance that Buni had fallen behind something in the living room, which was in pretty thorough disarray from several days of four little girls running around, so I picked everything up off the floor and the tables and put all the furniture back where it belonged. The room was now much cleaner, but Buni was still among the missing.

While this was going on, Gretchen looked in the car again at my suggestion and then in the basement. Still no joy.

I figured I'd check upstairs. Gretchen told me she'd looked in the office and the guest bedroom, so I double-checked Julie's bed to no avail.

And then I picked up the sheet that had fallen off of Katie's bed onto the far side of the room.

And then I picked up the pillow that had been under the sheet.

And under that was Buni!

Julie came up and happily collected Buni, I took the rest of the recycling out, and then we finally watched Caillou as Julie fell asleep at my side.

She was a very tired, but very happy little girl. :)
26th-Jul-2013 07:10 am (UTC)

Yay, happy ending. And all those references to the recycling were a clever red herring :-)
26th-Jul-2013 09:59 am (UTC)
I too was worried that Buni was going to end up having been taken out w/the garbage or recycling. So glad there was a happy ending :).
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