Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Revolving Door

It was a complex day.

daisy_knotwise headed off to Long Grove for Brian and Allie's wedding shower. I packed Katie and Julie into the car and went to pick up Uncle Jeff for brunch at Gail's Carriage House (home of Katie's favorite bacon). Then it was back home, dropping off Julie and Jeff as I ran Katie to a friend's birthday party.

At home, Uncle Jeff took Julie out to ride her scooter and roller skate on the driveway and nearby sidewalks while I trimmed back the dogwoods in the back yard so we could get to the gate unobstructed. Eventually, I joined them and we helped Julie roller skate up and down the neighborhood.

Later, I picked up Katie and took her to the store to pick up grillables for dinner. samwinolj and Bonnie arrived shortly after I returned, while Gretchen was just a bit later. I fired up the grill and made burgers for the adults and hot dogs for the girls. Then Carol arrived and took Jeff home, Sam developed digestive distress and fled home with Bonnie, leaving Gretchen and I home alone, as Katie and Julie had decamped for their friends' house next door.

So Gretchen and I sat on the back patio and enjoyed the lovely -- if somewhat cool -- early evening.

Complex, but I can work with it. :)
Tags: home, kids, musings, relatives

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