Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Step By Step

I'm going to be running the multi-track recording demo at Musecon next weekend, so it was high time to get out the portable gear and check out the setup. This involved:

  • Working through the "battery plugged in but not charging" problem again
  • Downloading the new anti-virus software
  • Downloading the latest Windows updates
  • Downloading the new version of Cubase Elements
  • Downloading the new version of Wavelab Elements
  • Downloading the updates to Cubase Elements and Wavelab Elements
  • Plugging in the mixer
  • Listening to some tracks from Capricon
  • Discovering that the Thieving Magpies recording from Capricon stops unexpectedly after about 35 minutes of the 75 minute set
  • Sending a grumbling e-mail to Debbie on the subject
  • Pulling out the headphone amp from the basement and hooking it up to the Aux1 output
  • Grabbing one of the mirrored hard drives from the basement and backing up the 191 MB of audio recording on the laptop

    Sometime soon, I will make the last couple of changes over in Cubase, load up the scratch track from Cheshire Moon, and get the session ready to record.

    Later, I will refamiliarize myself with how the "lanes" feature works, because that's one of the more interesting things to show. Then I need to go over rendering a song in the Cubase mixer.

    And I'll be ready to go. :)
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