Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Hectic, But Fun

Musecon kept me busy, but I had a good time.

On Friday afternoon, I ran the board for the rehearsal of Seanan and the Biohazard Band (a.k.a. Wild Mercy), which gave me a fair idea of how the set was structured. Then daisy_knotwise and I gathered up Katie and Julie and ran out for dinner with harperjen, Phil, and assorted Midkiff girls at Sweet Tomatoes. I had to hustle back for Opening Ceremonies to explain the delay in the second volume of Seanan's Velveteen stories that was supposed to release at Musecon, but which missed by two weeks due to a production problem. *sigh* I stayed around for Seanan's Q & A, checked in with Gretchen and the girls, and then caught the end of the Moebius Theatre show before finally giving up and adjourning home to take care of everything that hadn't been taken care of yet.

I got up early the next morning to get back to the con in time for the Dorsai Business Meeting, where business was met. Then it was down to set up for the Blitzkrieg Recording panel that I was running, where we recorded a three track song including parts from ericcoleman, Lizzie, and sweetmusic_27, followed by a quick demonstration of mixing. (Really quick.) Gretchen was good enough to bring me lunch, so I got to eat during setup.

Then it was off to the book pre-release party, where we would have had a credit card disaster as another of the ISFiC credit card machines lost its flash memory, except that Gretchen had checked it that morning and found it had failed, and I had set up a Square account on my Toshiba tablet for ISFiC Press among the things that I had taken care of the night before. This still wouldn't have worked if dave_ifversen hadn't let me piggyback off the con wi-fi, for which many thanks are due. :)

Phil and I went to get food for the girls and a snack for us ahead of the sound check at 6 PM; then I joined Dave and his crew as we got everything set up for Seanan's concert. It went pretty well, with a couple of minor technical glitches that we have now identified and figure that we can prevent from happening in the future. Live sound engineering is a series of learning experiences.

Debbie had arranged pizza for after the show, so we headed up the con suite and had dinner. Then I helped Gretchen get Katie and Julie out to the car and bundled off home and went down to the filk. I sang for a while, then went to chat about Capricon with Debbie, and then did some guitar geeking with Debbie and chasophonic before heading home.

On Sunday, we waited for Jen to finish her workshop; then she, Phil, and the girls came over and joined us for lunch. After that, I went back over to the con to strike the rest of our stuff and say goodbye to folks.

We ended up very tired, but it was a good time. :)
Tags: cons, filk, home, musings

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